Game developer wants to learn from pirates, asks them "why"

One independent PC game developer is inviting pirates to tell him why they pirate his (and other) games.

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Fux4Bux3810d ago

Because they charge to damned much for something you're not sure is worth it.

vasilisk3810d ago

so, if you're not sure it's worth it, it's alright to steal it??

vasilisk3810d ago

Dude nothing justifies stealing something that people put a lot of money, time and effort to produce. If you don't like it, don't buy it and if you're not sure just rent it.
Your answer represents everything that's wrong with gaming these days....

y0haN3810d ago

What was the last PC game you could rent?

vasilisk3810d ago

It was DMC 4 and I live in Europe

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prime323810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

it happened after years and years of empty pockets and high bandwidth opportunities i finally came to a definite answer
stealing entertainment (games movies and music)is with no question wrong (i never did and i ll never will except for modding my psp for emulation) cause i must pay to take from the community but stealing software and elearning is OK , i know a lot will be pissed at me but i never paid for photoshop maya softimage audition antivirus video converters or any tutorials from lynda Total Training ttc , cause i dont have to pay for working or giving to the community , i know that doesnt make anysense cause they cost money just as much or even more but that my thoughts sorry

Filet of Children3810d ago

Seems to me that people pirate because they're greedy. Yeah, they can justify it all they want by painting pretty pictures of themselves as modern day Robin Hoods, but they're stealing, plain and simple. Pirating software (and music, and movies, and anything really) is fast, easy, and free. The only way to make people stop pirating is to remove the option completely.

The trick is trying to do that without annoying the people who actually PAY for the software.

bednet3810d ago

How about making buying a PC game Fast, Easy and Cheap...

I should be able to go to an online store and be able to buy ANY game I want and instantly start to download it through a super fast connection to my PC, I should then not have to worry about DRM, online activation or any of that crap a be playing within minutes....all that for under 30$.

Piracy offers this for free...

I don't condone piracy but I understand why people do it.

Filet of Children3810d ago

I don't think so, making PC games cheaper and/or more accessible won't work. People are going to steal the software no matter how much it costs, because people are greedy and because there are really no consequences.

Piracy is great in this regard, because it lets the pirate steal without having to really think about who he/she is hurting. All of the instant gratification, none of the guilt.

bednet3764d ago

Remember that its not stealing, its copyright infringement...stealing is defined by taking property from someone, depriving that person of said thing...Copyright infringement is using someones copyrighted property without their consent...very different.

name3810d ago

PC games are cheaper than console games and they still get pirated. Hell, CD's cost 10 dollars and people still download them from the internet. People don't want to spend money. It doesn't matter if it's the best game of all time, people will steal the game. It has nothing to do with it being worth it or if they're unsure.

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The story is too old to be commented.