A response to the “do not censor Street Fighter V petition” for Rainbow Mika’s butt-slap

About seven days ago I (Robin Ek, The Gaming Ground) reached out to Capcom UK and Capcom Unity about why Capcom chose to censor R-Mika´s butt-slap, and split attack move. And since no representative from Capcom gave me any answers to my questions, I chose to write a response article to the “do not censor Street Fighter V petition”.


I´m sorry for the somewhat misleading title. It should have been "An opinion on the "do not censor Street Fighter V petition" for Rainbow Mika’s butt-slap". Sorry, my bad. And no, Capcom has not answered my question about R-Mika´s butt-slap.

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DivineAssault 1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

I signed the petition but i want the game too much to boycott it.. IDK why they took that out because the japanese dont give a $hit about SJW's and their crusade... I dont want to support this behavior by them and agree it will soon spiral further out of control.. I hope capcom gets the message.. But it will most likely be a BS answer

TGG_overlord1068d ago

I did that just now ;) As far as I know, there is now official explanation why Capcom removed the butt-slap (nor the split attack move, or Cammy´s crotch view). That´s why I reached out to them one week ago. However, I´ve been given no answer :S I´m afraid you're right. I think they just bended over for the SJW and feminist movement.

DivineAssault 1068d ago

The split attack was such a STUPID removal! It was a super move that looked like it would hurt like hell and was in no way provocative... Now its not as impactful if pulled off.. I hate Sarkeesian and wish someone can get into the spotlight to show her lies and deceitful BS in those videos.. Shes no a real feminist, nor a real video game critic.. Just a scam artist that ripped off thousands of people..

Jdoki1068d ago

Censorship has been going on in gaming for years. Long before SJW's (whatever that actually is) became the go-to reason to blame for anything getting changed in a game.

Suggesting boycotting a game because of the removal of a butt-slap by a character wearing next to nothing is utterly ridiculous.

This seems more likely to me that the Western video game market has started to mature beyond pointless titillation in some games.

Also, this whole thing about SJW's and the feminist movement being the sole reason for problems in games is rubbish. Yes, they have an (often annoying) voice in the industry now - but games have been censored for years and years for different reasons and there are few signs the censorship is increasing.

We should be at least trying to make games more inclusive to a wider audience, otherwise gaming will never throw off its image as a hobby for immature pre-pubescent kids dwelling in their parents basements and rubbing one out to screenshots of video game characters.

The average gamer age is in the 30's - which is even more concerning if they are getting hot under the collar about 13year old characters no longer being shown with under-boob in Xenoblade, or a pointless upskirt shot or butt-slap in Street Fighter - especially as there's no game-play impact.

DivineAssault 1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

Your right, censorship has been around for decades! Then Sega came into the video game business and said "F*** what you think!".. Sony and M$ followed suit.. You may not give a damn about whats going on but thats you! Companies shouldnt take a devs vision and art then spit on it so it appeals to what THEY think is best..

Would you like it if you wrote a book and put your soul into its creation for the masses but your publisher says "hey, we're taking this part out and putting in what WE think is the best"? Either to satisfy those damn SJW's or because they THINK its better for a different audience? I sure as hell wouldnt take kindly to it.. Especially knowing my fans want my work untouched..

Simon_the_sorcerer1068d ago

I agree with @DivineAssault on this one. However, the part about Xenoblade (the 13-year-old character), that´s where I draw my line. As I thought that it was a "bit" to much for my taste. I should point out that I haven´t played any of the past "Xenoblade" games. So I have no idea what those games were all about.

Jdoki1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )


There are plenty of movies that have slightly different cuts for different markets. And that often means stuff is removed.

There are tonnes of anime where changes are made to the scripts when brought over to the West so that they are a better cultural fit.

No one wails and gnashes their teeth for the most part.

And yet somehow when it comes to games it's a case of 'Oh won't you think of the poor tortured artists that created this stuff' and how their vision is being so distorted and destroyed because of the lack of a butt-slap and crotch shot. And that it MUST be cuz of SJW's.

And yes, if you knew anything about getting a book published, editors are ruthless with authors when it comes to cutting extraneous parts of their text. So if I poured my heart and soul into a book I would expect, as do 99.9% of authors, that the publisher would ask for changes to be made before it went to print.

At no point did I say I didn't give a damn about censorship. I give a great deal of damns! But I am also rational, want to see gaming become inclusive and to expand, and know which battles to fight.

Fireseed1068d ago

Spoiler alert the title is misleading and they don't actually have a response.

But damn are people up in a tizzy over Ono simply re positioning the camera.

TGG_overlord1068d ago

"A response to the" as in "my" response to. I did reach out to Capcom. I did send them a mail (it´s been a week. I've received no answer as of yet). And that´s a +1,300 word long article on the matter.

Jdoki1068d ago

I can see where Fireseed is coming from. The title suggests there's an official response.

If the title was 'An Opinion on the "Do not censor... butt-slap"' it would remove the ambiguity.

TGG_overlord1068d ago

Fair enough, I shall see if I can change it.

Jdoki1068d ago

No worries. I wasn't criticising

It's a well written article even if I don't agree with it all :)

TGG_overlord1068d ago

It´s okay. I actually finished the whole thing 2:30 in the morning. So when you mentioned that, I saw the problem as well. I shall avoid doing the same mistake next time, thanks =) Well, at least you don´t threaten me and such (unlike "some" others). I should point out that I had some mixed emotions about the "Nintendo censors skimpy Xenoblade Chronicles X" case. As I´m not a huge fan of "loli" related stuff.

MilkMan1068d ago

So, they took this out? This was the reason I pre-ordered the game.

Simon_the_sorcerer1068d ago

That would be correct yes. I´m not 100% sure if the Asian version of SFV will be censored as well though. You´re far from alone mate...

thejigisup1068d ago

It seems the original art and animations were just a ploy to generate Buzz, it was never intended to make it to gold.

thejigisup1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

Times are changing

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