The Crew Wild Run Edition now available on Xbox One in two flavours

Neil writes "You may remember a year or so back Ubisoft entered the racing field with a new vehicular based social title. Well, The Crew is back, but this time it’s wilder than ever!"

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oKidUKo1069d ago

£54.99 seems a lot for what is an old game now, even with extra content.

Sir_Simba1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

£22 on pc. If you don't have a pc just ignore


Angerfist1068d ago

You Guys should mention that the game has an completely new Graphics Set. And it is free with the old The Crew via Patch. So you can get an old copy and get the New experience too

pinkcrocodile751068d ago

I suppose so but no more than the travesty that is Destiny the taken king

Skate-AK1068d ago

Really looking forward to this and the graphic update. Going to buy it later today when it drops on PSN.