Fallout 4 Lone Wanderer: Is It Better to Play without a Companion?

Vgamerz writes: "Playing Fallout 4 with a companion is really impressive, because we’re talking about extra dialogue options, an extra soul to explore the wastelands together with, romance options and, well… turning them into your walking briefcase for carrying all the junk you can’t carry. "

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slappy5081067d ago

If you play with companions you unlock unique perks by getting their friendship level to the max, so once I have done that for one companion, I pick another until I get his perk. Plus you do unlock questlines relating to each companion it seems, so on that basis yes it's better to have a companion

Summons751067d ago

Companions are also semi intelligent so they don't end up getting in your way or killing you or alerting enemies while you are in stealth...except Dogmeat he'll do anything to screw you over. Companions are also useful to distract a Deathclaw while you get away to a safe spot and heal.

Perjoss1067d ago

Dont get in your way? So why is it Piper is always photobombing all my screenshots?

Malphite1067d ago

That's the way I do it too. Got my relationship to max with 2 companions working on the 3rd.

SolidGear31067d ago

Just got the romance trophy with Cait :3

showtimefolks1067d ago

Honestly I just like to take my time solo. I even played all borderlands games solo too

Do I have to play with dog as my companion in fallout 4?

shammgod1067d ago

no, you can send him home once you establish a settlement

showtimefolks1067d ago

Thank you I will try with companion if I don't like it I can send him dog

SlightlyRetarted1066d ago

I would probably go solo, if i would not have to haul truck load of scrap back to settlement to get anything done in there or mod any of the guns. Sometimes i like when they react in unique way on something in the game world, but way too often they spew their one liners over other NPC's dialogue.
And they do get on my way. Nothing horrible, but Piper seems to like to bully me by standing on the door way when i loot any small space etc.
But it's nice to have someone with you in wasteland.

Goods and bads:
+More carry weight
+Unique dialogue
+Side quests

-Get on the way during firefights
-Overlapping dialogue/One-liners get annoying
-Stand on the way/Block you in tight spaces