Sequels Are Not Evil

We've heard the argument that the games industry suffers from "sequelitis." But the "problem" of sequel influx is not such a big problem for the industry as some make it out to be.

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Hagaf223724d ago

I don't necessarily have a problem with sequels, i just hate when they don't progress, take for instance madden, the progression is so small its not worth 60 bucks every year, not imo, i would rather pay 10 bucks every year for the roster updates and a patch to fix problems, look at the tony hawk series, its getting a massive look over because its gotten stale, devs have to find ways to keep ideas flowing and not keep recycling material, look at what cod4 did to fps games. its the 4th in a series and it completely redid the way we look at shooters. so sequels aren't evil, they just have to be unique in their own right each time.