KOEI TECMO Team Up With Square Enix to bring Schoolgirl Strikers costumes to Dead Or Alive 5

KOEI TECMO Have revealed that the company has teamed up with publishers Square Enix in order to bring a number of costumes from their fighters in Light Novel, Schoolgirl Strikers to Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round.

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DivineAssault 1068d ago (Edited 1068d ago )

This trailer had bouncing breasts and panty shots everywhere and still had a pegi 16 rating though DOA as a whole is rated M.. That still shows you right there R. Mika can have all her moves and still have a TEEN rating for SFV..

But back on topic, this collaboration is pretty cool.. After downloading the update and free costumes, i hope this content doesnt cost too much.. I would love to see the next entry to the series have stuff like this unlockable from the start.. Maybe even some actual FF characters to play as.. Tifa would fit right in perfectly as well as many others! They already got sega virtual fighter people last time..