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PlayStation LifeStyle writes: "You can tell DICE has a bunch of Star Wars fans on staff, and Star Wars Battlefront feels like a loving 'welcome back' from a developer who has missed the franchise as much as us gamers have."

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GamingWithMack1066d ago

Completely agree with your comments. Nicely done!

Septic1066d ago

Haha nice headline.

Need to try this on EA access. The scores are in line with my expectations after the beta.

alfcrippinjr1066d ago

have to agree Battlefront is the best looking Star Wars game ever made.

but no campaign and asking way to much money $60 to $100

and get very boring after 3hrs just repeating it over and over again

where bad company 2 might be a old game but the game play is there and so are the maps. and you can blow shit up total.

starwars would had been the best if they did a campaign.

JoakimMogren1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

WTF it is a TRAP!!, $60 is a rippoff, for only 4 maps for the main game modes that people will play the most

-Foxtrot1066d ago

It is a trap though. Get caught and they will laser blast the savings out of you

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