Wii 2? Who Cares Right Now?

Ever since Nintendo President Satoru Iwata let word slip that his company was hard at work on the follow-up to their tremendously successful Wii console, rampant speculation brewed across all corners of the Internet. Would Wii 2's control interface be a mind-control device that allows users to manipulate games with the power of their brain? When would this new device be coming to market?

The real question that gamers should be asking is: Why should I care right now?

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el_bandito3721d ago

No matter how most of us bash the Wii, it is indeed a marketing success, especially for the casual gaming community. A new console is premature. IMO, the only thing that Nintendo seriously needs to implement within this current console era is quality control. And yes, I'm referring to the tons of crappy games and absurd peripherals/add-ons that keep on going out in the market. The PS2 was a success too and it also got hundreds of crappy games, but not to the Wii's degree. Check out SPOGS Racing, London Taxi..Ugh. The list never ends.

dannyhinote_133721d ago

Not only is a new console pre-mature, all discussion about it is pre-mature. This generations is too damn young, for Christ's sake.

jtucker783720d ago

I understand what you are saying, BUT I want the next console to hurry up and come out (a decent spec'ed Nintendo).

Keep the Wii, support both consoles (Wii and Wii2). One for the casuals and one for the gamers.
Like Sony does with the PS2 and PS3.

I think it's great that the Wii appeals to the masses. Fantastic! I hope you casual dudes are enjoying using the great Nintendo to play sh1tty sports minigames.
But I'm getting quite eager to have Nintendo back, the company that I grew up with, and supported through the bad times (Gamecube).

"Not only do existing franchises need to get a proper Wii treatment, (Zelda and Pikmin, for example)"
Pikmin maybe, but Zelda DEFINITELY does NOT need to get the proper Wii treatment. That is the last thing it needs. Zelda needs to be kept in development and given the Wii2 treatment, then released to all the people who will actually buy it.

thewesker3720d ago

how about they make another good game for the wii (aside from mario galaxy, that was good) and then move on to wii 2.

Prismo_Fillusion3720d ago

How about people stop approving articles about the Wii2, when we KNOW that the PS4 and Xbox720 are both in development as well.

Just because a system's in development doesn't mean it's coming out in the next couple years.

dannyhinote_133720d ago

How about you read the article and see that the writer agrees with you.

Prismo_Fillusion3720d ago

I read the article, and I agree with it. But it still perpetuates discussion about the Wii2, even if that's not its intent. I don't want to see articles about it, even if they're against articles about it. Isn't that a bit hypocritical?

dannyhinote_133720d ago

That's an interesting point, but I disagree. It's much like saying an article that is condemning racism or sexism is in fact promoting more racism and sexism because it's simply bringing light to the topic.

dro3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

i dont care!!i dont care about wii1 and will not care about wii2 .....TO ME THE N64 was the best console nintendo relased because they had games for the harcore,as a hardcore gamer i cannot not care about anything nintendo...PS360 FTW and !PS4XBOX3! FTW ;D

ImNasim3720d ago

Unless it ditches casual gaming and goes back to hardcore roots.

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