New Dissidia Final Fantasy Gameplay Trailer Shows Terra from Final Fantasy VI in Action

Square Enix just released a brand new trailer of Dissidia: Final Fantasy, which is releasing in Japanese arcades on November the 26th.

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ZaWarudo1064d ago

ugh. They butchered Dancing Mad so badly.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1064d ago

I have to disagree with you. This game has rearranged versions of FF songs to fit the high speed action of the game and I think this arrangement of Dancing Mad sounds really good. It sounds like Nobuo Uematsu's band The Black Mages are playing it.

FallenAngel19841064d ago

It really is a joy to finally see all these classic Final Fantasy characters in glorious HD models.

FoxyGotGame1064d ago

Is this the arcade game powered by PS4 hardware?

Looks beautiful )

ZeroX98761064d ago

Its only arcade for now, but Square Enix already hinted at a ps4 port later on.