2016 Release Schedule For Xbox One So Far

Well the year is nearly done! And with only one or two more big releases to come, 2016 is rapidly approaching. So what can we expect from next year?

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lelo2play1092d ago (Edited 1092d ago )

Quantum Break – April 5.

uptownsoul1092d ago (Edited 1092d ago )

Wow, both XB1 & PS4 look to have stellar 2016 lineups... Great for gamers all around

ninsigma1092d ago

Quantum break, gears 4 and scalebound for me!

holysmokesbatman1092d ago

All them + Halo Wars 2 for me

poppinslops1092d ago (Edited 1092d ago )

Impressive... 2015 has been great - the best year for videogames in ages - but it looks like 2016 has the potential to be even better.

As it stands, I'll definitely be getting the Resident Evil Collection in January, Deus Ex (maybe Farcry: Primal) in Feb, Hitman (maybe The Division) in March, Quantum Break in April, Mirror's Edge in May and Ark: Survival Evolved in June... and that's just the games with specific release dates - titles like Adr1ft, Below, ReCore, The Long Dark, the Solus Project and The Witcher's 'Blood and Wine' expansion should also be out sometime before June.

Normally I'd say 'I can't wait', but I totally can - Tomb Raider, Assassin's Creed and Fallout are keeping me good and entertained... here's hoping I can still find some time for Dragon Age: Inquisition's dlc.

ScorpiusX1092d ago

Want them all & will try to get them all , my wallet is going to cry all next year. lol

spicelicka1092d ago

Quantum Break
Crackdown 3
Gears of War 4
Halo Wars 2

They forgot to include Recore and Sea of thieves btw!

This is too ridiculous, I can't imagine all these releasing in one year, it's never happened in xbox history. I think Sea of thieves and at least one other game will get pushed to 2017 Spring.

jb2271092d ago

When do you think they'd show more of ReCore? I know it was originally planned for a Spring 2016 release but after the cinematic trailer they've went radio silent. Haven't really seen a peep from it, which makes me wonder if Inafune's issues w/ Mighty No. 9 may be taking him off schedule w/ his involvement in ReCore. Unless they used VGX or just picked a random day to show gameplay, there's not many other potential places to show the actual game off before Spring rolls around. I'd say it'll be pushed back to the holiday 2016 window. Definitely interested to see what it actually is though, gotta lotta promise at this point.

spicelicka1092d ago

I'm afraid you may be right, that would be my guess too. It really doesn't take much to release a small gameplay snippet, a dev diary, an interview, or even goddamn screenshots. VGX is our last hope or it's not coming in spring.

jb2271092d ago

I think this year would be the perfect one for MS to have a bigger presence at would be a great way to keep a spotlight & counter the presence of PSX. I think it'd be really smart if they showed off gameplay of ReCore, a new section of QB gameplay & maybe something like Sea of Thieves. If I remember correctly, they didn't show much of anything at last years VGX & kinda gave the full stage to Sony to use it as a preshow for their PSX keynote...MS could go a long ways towards countering that w/ a quality VGX showing.

Either way, the idea of Recore & the talent behind it is enough to keep it on most radars, hopefully they just don't let it stagnate for too long so it's momentum dies down.