Star Wars Battlefront Sequels Coming, EA Teases

MWEB GameZone writes: "EA teases that another Battlefront game in the Star Wars franchise is coming."

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SonZeRo1094d ago

Maybe they should wait till this one is launched first?

Sillicur1094d ago

Well technically the first one is launched now :) I wonder what the mobile Star Wars game would look like.

Planning ahead is good i guess, but SWB not doing that well in reviews at the moment, wonder if they might change their mind :)

nX1093d ago

Well it would get better reviews if they included more content instead of charging for a freaking season pass before launch. I think it's ridiculous to talk about a sequel already, makes me want to cancel my preorder.

CorndogBurglar1093d ago

7's and 8's aren't bad at all.

Also, when you read the reviews the big complaint is content. The game itself is great by most accounts.

This is probably a game that is better to wait for the complete edition. Just look what Taken King did for Destiny. It was a game that was regularly getti g 5's and 6's in reviews. The complete edition brout pretty much all reviews up to a 9 or 10. That doesn't happen to a bad game. That happens to a game lacking content but thats extremely fu to play, much like Battlefront.

jmc88881093d ago

Everyone talks about a season pass before hand. You may not like it, but it's an industry standard pretty much. Why are people so freaked out by it? You KNOW it's coming. Who cares if they announce it.

Also, YOU KNOW a sequel is coming, so why would anyone want to cancel their preorder.

Jesus, it's like people are made of glass and their whole world crumbles and their game experience tanks, if they know there will be a sequel.

Hey... will you watch Episode VII in the theaters? After all they already announced TWO SEQUELS YEARS BEFORE EPISODE VII PREMIERES!!! OH THE HORROR!!!

Jmanzare1093d ago (Edited 1093d ago )

I think the issue isn't the season pass or the announcement of a sequel but the price of the game for the content and the price of the dlc. If a game is only multiplayer it should have a lot of maps and game modes... But it doesn't

Trekster_Gamer1093d ago

The main reason is lack of content..

frostypants1093d ago

@jmc8888, "You may not like it, but it's an industry standard pretty much"

No. No, it is not.

BattleAxe1093d ago

"jmc8888 + 3h ago

Everyone talks about a season pass before hand. You may not like it, but it's an industry standard pretty much. Why are people so freaked out by it? You KNOW it's coming. Who cares if they announce it."

Well, they'll keep doing it if people don't speak up and voice their dissatisfaction with this business practice. This isn't the way it's always been. I think the first time a seasons pass was ever announced, was with Borderlands, but before that, you actually got a fully featured game with single player, co-op and multiplayer for $60.00.

The only games to come out recently that are keeping it oldschool by releasing fully featured games are Black Ops 3 and Halo 5. I remember that Rainbow Six Vegas 1&2 were both great value for money back in the day, but now we get a Rainbow Six game that is so low on content, that Ubisoft considers being on the opposite team in a game actually another game mode.

Rhezin1093d ago

ugh, they should NOT be talking about sequels now, not even the first one is "technically launched now." Won't be getting this game, I freakin loathe EA.

sonarus1093d ago

Am i the only one upset that there is no single player... like at all

KiwiViper851093d ago (Edited 1093d ago )

Star Wars Battlefront 2016...
Star Wars Battlefront 2017...
Star Wars Battlefront 2018...


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lord zaid1094d ago

Star Wars is bullet proof. The games always sell, no matter how bad. Fortunately, there have been more hits than misses.

Irishguy951093d ago

'hits than misses'

Seriously? There hasn't. But there has been a decent amount.

Jedi knight series -> Best action star wars
Kotor series - Great RPGs
Tai fighter :3
Battlefront 1 and 2 were great
Force unleashed 1 was okay as well

kaizokuspy1093d ago

What about the n64 star wars, shadows of the empire. Loved it when I was 8, but hey I'll be 28 next I feel old :(

NickieNick1093d ago

Kaizo - out of 3 star wars games on the N64, the first one was ok, rogue squadron and battle for naboo were superb.

_-EDMIX-_1093d ago

? Star Wars Battlefront launched today...

nX1093d ago

Doesn't mean you can talk about a sequel when you've delivered a game with lacking content and overpriced season pass. I certainly won't celebrate the announcement of a sequel at this point.

ShadowWolf7121093d ago


It, uh... it very much means that. Especially if the folks at Lucasfilm ordered them.

Lucasfilm also being the folks who would have to approve whatever story was placed into the game which is part of why there is none. All new canon content is being very carefully laid until the movie comes out, and they want to focus on the era around the original trilogy as its relevant to that.

_-EDMIX-_1093d ago

@NX- ? Why can't they? When did you buy DICE and EA? Are they breaking the law?

Also how so do you know how many are even working on the sequel? DICE as a team is done with BF, the people now working on it are likely support staff for its updates, and a portion of the team for DLC. The same people who made the bast game of this game, will be likely starting its sequel. They won't work on the DLC or updates or anything like that. I think many, many confuse the team that works on a game, with the team that provides post launch content, consider BF4's content was by DICE Sweden, and DICE LA, and Visceral, yet even with BF4 content still coming like RIGHT NOW lol, Star Wars Battlefront is still releasing...

Having DLC doesn't mean its the whole entire team 100% just working on DLC.

Mind you, this "lacking of Content" I'm playing it right now and I'm sorry but I disagree. Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 just launched with 12 maps, by the end of December Star Wars BF will have 14 maps...

I don't care that you won't celebrate a sequel announcement bud, your too emotion regarding the issue, this is straight business. Did you really think that they just waited after release before planning sequels? Many times they can ok a sequel to a game DURING development, do you know how many known trilogies likely exist of certain IPs? Consider Mass Effect was made 100% in mind for 3 titles last gen, I'm pretty sure even Watch Dogs was made with many games in mind, I don't know what them announcing it will do to you, do you buy games based on fun adn quality or based on if the announcement hurt your feelings?

I sure its that big of a deal?

IAmLee1093d ago

The plans to milk the cash cow til' it dies from Malnutrishment begin..
Classic EA.

hiredhelp1093d ago

Classic EA died long time ago 16-32bit days.

Forn1093d ago

Propbably already have all the content ready for the "sequel" smh.

Irishguy951093d ago

Its already dead. Well quality wise

showtimefolks1093d ago

Like this is news

There will be a star wars game every year of the 10 year deal EA signed

Every single year

There EA you don't have to tease

_-EDMIX-_1093d ago

What that being said, do you think Visceral will release their Star Wars game next year? Or do you think Bioware will release one next year?

showtimefolks1092d ago


Honestly I see the one coming from visceral. I see bioware releasing mass effect in early 2017 and their 2nd team's star wars game in late 2017 or early 2018

Yes I fully believe mass effect will be delayed from 2016 just because if the game was only less than a year away by now we would have seen a demo or something more than seen shots

Also I am really excited for both visceral and bioware's star wars offrings since both will focus or have single player content

I for one want EA go give both developers the needed time, I rather wait 6 extra months to play a really amazing game Than a good one

yomfweeee1093d ago

Wow so many agrees. People just don't know how business and development works.

Software development has many phases: analyze, plan, design, build, test, deploy

Those are handled by various different teams and each team doesn't sit on their ass waiting for the next. They're well on their way working on the next release probably.

Maul_T_Pass1093d ago

A wild voice of reason has appeared.

Kayant1093d ago

Well said. Plus it would be a waste of their licensing from Disney to just sit around.

solar1093d ago

You are looking at the business sense, and you are correct. The consumer in me tells me I am going to get a water downed, shit product year after year.

_-EDMIX-_1093d ago

THANK YOU! 100% agreed! Do know how hard that is to explain to folks on here?

showtimefolks1092d ago

You are right but still less than 2 years of development isn't enough time. Assassin's creed games usually have more than 3 to 4 full teams working on each game (800-900) people yet even 2 years with such a big number of people still doesn't equal to to amazing quality

Gta 5 had over 5 years of development with one of the biggest teams ever to work on game development

So while you are right about there being different teams, it still doesn't equal to quality since one team can be done and have their part well polished while other struggling


Yeah let's encourage EA more. That statement had so much wrong. That'd why publishers are always looking to make yearly sequels because according to logic why sit on a ip when you could be milking it

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AizenSosuke1093d ago

Star Wars Battlefront 2 must have space battles or riot!

Dawknight3161093d ago

They are going to milk this like COD.

solar1091d ago

Follow who owns the money.

BeefCurtains1093d ago

Oh, EA is gonna release another money making sequel? You don't say?

EA is shameless, currently Battlefront hasn't released yet, but reviews are pouring in and it doesn't look pretty. Which is a huge slap to the gamers especially because it's $110 for all the content, and ITS STAR WARS. And they are already hinting at sequels??? Give me a break.

XanderZane1093d ago

Yeah, I know. I'm not going to pay $60 for this SW: Battlefront game. What makes EA think I'll pay $60 for any of the sequels? I need another SW:KotoR sequel if they really want to get me excited about a sequel.

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ZaWarudo1094d ago

Please make it a proper Battlefront 3. Classes, vehicle spawns... Throw away that field pick-up crap.

Sillicur1094d ago

Hopefully it will be different than the one just launched. I just hope EA doesnt milk the franchise and rather deliver great games. Possible multiple sequels scare me though...

RiseofScorpio1093d ago

There's still much to be explored in the gap between Episode II and III that would be amazing as a video game. They could also do some stuff set in the new trilogy, Im just tired of the original trilogy.

Austin481093d ago

That's why I lost interest cause it had no campaign or story mode I ain't big on multiplayer as it is they lost my money

Eiyuuou1093d ago

And actually have content.

ShadowWolf7121093d ago

Boy, I can't WAIT for people online to camp with rocket launchers at the vehicle spawns so that they can destroy them as soon as they appear!

Not to mention the mad dash for them that literally everyone does. lol

Familiarity isn't always the better option, being honest, and I kinda like that people can't camp or horde the vehicles this time around.

jmc88881093d ago

Well people do realize they pumped out Battlefront in less time then it took to make Call of Duty, so yeah... anyone realizing this would realize why it lacks a certain amount of content.

Also, most people realize that just like Battlefront II in 2005 built off of Battlefront I, the same will happen with the 201X Battlefront II.

It's just people were crazy to expect the same or more content for the REBOOT, considering the development time needing to match up with the movie premiere and had to make EVERYTHING FROM SCRATCH.

jmc88881093d ago

They made a hell of a game in only 2 1/2 years from the GROUND UP, with not a single line of code pulled from Battlefield.

You know that other multiplayer shooter that comes out every year? It is a formulaic game that has a THREE YEAR development cycle?

You see that link above, that's when they announced they made the deal. What date is it?

May of 2013.

People simply need to realize reality. 2 1/2 years for a brand new game, even if the theme and name indicate it is the same series of games, it is 100 percent new.

How many assets get reused on Call of Duty. How much of the planning and design are simply not needed to go nearly as in depth, because they already HAVE IT DONE because of PREVIOUS iterations of Call of Duty? Yet they take THREE YEARS to make Call of Duty.

How many people forget that Battlefront was never going to have the same amount of content OG Battlefront II had OR Call of Duty, because it takes YEARS and SEQUELS to build up all these base assets and get everything finalized so that on the NEXT ONE, they can focus on fleshing out the content?

This is like 101 level stuff. People are being unreasonable, and if they move away from the dark side, and allow their brain to think, they'd see that.

Anyways, off to have a blast playing Battlefront.

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AngelicIceDiamond1094d ago

Star Wars Battle Front: Episode IV and yet this one just came out. I'm gettin really sick and tired of these cash grabs. They're called AAA's for a damn reason.

Sillicur1094d ago

Completely agreed. Well at the time we don't know how long the next one will take to create, but possible multiple games Battlefront games isnt a good sign.

Choc_Salties1094d ago

Well, this is EA - how many studios have they wrecked because of their greed and forcing games to be released early, lying about stuff and generally mucking stuff up?

slappy5081093d ago

EA, this is. Surprised, you should be not.