Star Wars Battlefront Is Having Issues

Star Wars Battlefront is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. That doesn't mean you'll be able to play it, however, as the game is having issues connecting to matches.

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Hoffmann1119d ago

Yeah. A friend wrote: "Can't get any online features in Battlefront to work. Way to buzzkill my midnight release vibes."

IAmLee1119d ago

EA Servers my friend, EA Servers..

freshslicepizza1119d ago

a long time ago on a server far, far away

SegaGamer1119d ago

All that money, and they still can't get their servers right. Pathetic.

bumnut1119d ago

Thats what he gets for buying an online only game at release.... is he mental?

Hoffmann1119d ago

Even worse. He writes reviews and articles on a semi-big gaming site

TwoForce1119d ago

Well, it's EA game after all.

_-EDMIX-_1119d ago

...but you don't have a bias right?

"I'm not bias really" smh. Sounds like you've made your decision a long time ago, it hard to take someone seriously when they've already wrote off the game due to not liking the publisher.

Because non-EA games never have online issues at launch? You say this as if its exclusive to EA.

TwoForce1119d ago

Then what is it ? There are games are less broken than EA games. I know they fixed their game after the broken Battlefield 4, but they are still left people bad taste. Seriously, what about NFS reboot ? That game was alway online, it tipped people off. It's my opinion, and i know my opinion is not perfect, but something like this i don't like about EA. Yes, you can buy Battlefornt. I'm not judge you, but the way EA marketing are so bad.

Seafort1119d ago

Don't make excuses for multi billion dollar publishers.

This happens time and time again and they only have the US side to deal with atm.

The EU/UK gamers don't get to play till Thursday at the earliest. Is the same thing going to happen then too?

It's time one of these publishers, especially EA with their big portfolio of MP games, learned how to manage launch day numbers on their MP titles without the servers struggling every bloody time.

_-EDMIX-_1119d ago

"Then what is it ?" Did Witcher 3 not get a series of patches?

Is Fallout 4 not getting bugs?

Did Driveclub not launch poorly?

Did Assassins Creed Unity not have bugs at launch?

That is legit off the top of my head. Yes...EA is very much at fault for how BF4 launched as that is unusual for a DICE game to have that many bugs and issues.

But you can't give your opinion on a title like Star Wars BF and say you have no bias, then say "something like this i don't like about EA" yet claim you have no bias.

Leave your views on the game solely, if you have to state an opinion on the publisher, you might as well say its not valid.

"There are games are less broken than EA games"

Yet you state

"Well, it's EA game after all"

Network issues or bugs in games are not exclusive to any one publisher, developer etc. I get EA is not the perfect publisher in the world, but lets stop with theses assumptions and over generalizations about publishers based on certain situations that are not even exclusive to them.

JOWAPPO1119d ago

I agree, not in that it's just a matter of the game having problems, or if that's common for other games, it's a matter of first impressions.

You don't want the people buying the game to get a bad impression or experience, because it makes it less likely that they'll stick around for the DLC, or buy the sequel later. At least, that should be the attitude employed by the company.

Instead, I guess EA must know that gamers will stick around anyway despite whatever issues their games have, and that the community will cannibalize itself whenever these issues are addressed.

That's most likely why, even after so many instances of the same problems, companies like EA don't seem to improve or change. It's because they know they don't have to.

alfcrippinjr1119d ago

EA publish broken games it the new practice now

get the game on the market and sell it quick
start patching it before end of the year.

one games that has work from day one

bad company 2 no issues at all good game play and good maps

JOWAPPO1119d ago

EA person #1: "can the whole game be played offline?"

EA person #2: "no"

EA person #1: "okay, so then can we guarantee that the servers will work?"

EA person #2: "no"

EA person #1: "...then, shouldn't we make the whole game offline-accessible? I mean we already went through the trouble of adding split-screen and bots t-"

EA person #2: "no"

EA person #1: "this...this doesn't make sense"

EA person #2: "you must be new here"