EA Servers Appear to Crash Under the Weight of Star Wars Battlefront’s Release

Multiple reports are coming in about the servers either being offline or being able to sign on for a few moments and then kicked out.

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parentsbasement1093d ago

Makes me kinda glad I gamefly everything and by the time I get it , things are usually worked out...I'd be mad to have it day one and just have issue with it...

jmac531093d ago

It's not suprising. I find it funny that these companies boast that these games will sell millions, yet they can't prepare the servers for those millions. I feel that EA in particular does it as a veiled boast that "they just can't keep up with the demand for their game". I gaurantee that Battlefield 5 will have the same issues as 3 and 4.

medman1093d ago

Well that was predictable.

Hereiamhereibe21093d ago

The servers have worked fine since release and not once have I been unable to play the game, so people need to understand that this article is either false or greatly stretching the truth.