Today Was Shigeru Miyamoto's 63rd Birthday

Shigeru Miyamoto is a developer who could certainly be referred to as the "Walt Disney of Gaming". The man is responsible for the likes of franchises such as Donkey Kong, Super Mario, and The Legend of Zelda, and he holds considerable influence over the development of countless projects that emerge from Nintendo. Publicly, he's a lovable and quirky figure, but he's notorious for frequently "up-ending the tea table" late in the stages of game development behind the scenes.

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PhoenixUp1161d ago

Good lord this guy does not age, neither does Sakurai

1161d ago
Neonridr1161d ago

well Happy Birthday to you then good sir.

Germany71161d ago

Happy Birthday Miyamoto!

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chrisx1161d ago

Shouldn't it be "Today Is"

Miraak82 1161d ago

was reading like "he isn't dead yet"

The 10th Rider1161d ago

Technically today is the anniversary of the day of his birth. While is is certainly more often used in cases like this, was isn't wrong (as his actually day of birth 'was' 63 years ago)

ScorpiusX1161d ago

So we should have been celebrating anniversary's every year instead of birthday. Who got that all .

Summons751161d ago

But saying "He WAS born 63 years ago" is referring to the past hence the past tense. "Today" is the present so "Today is his birthday" is correct as he is alive. Saying "Today was his birthday " sounds like he died. It's small and subtle but it changes the meaning of the sentence massively.

Just like if someone said "Today is my marriage anniversary " it's a present tense and happening. "Today was my marriage anniversary " means the marriage has ended or something happened.

The 10th Rider1160d ago

No, it'd be like saying "today was the day of my birth." Today being the current date, though a different year. It's looking back on the day you were born. Technically, okay. Not widely said though, so it sounds awkard.

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The story is too old to be commented.