Opinion: Why laptops will kick desktop PCs to the curb

The desktop has historically been the leader in the computing business, but in recent years, the notebook has taken charge. And as that changeover continues to progress, is it time to write off the desktop?

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Zerodin3719d ago

Notebooks make for SH!TTY graphics workstations.

DJ3718d ago

My laptop starts to crap out on anything past 5000 polygons. But the article did say that Desktops are still king for graphics and video editing.

Ghoul3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

remove desktops in office and risk datatheft while beeing out of office ? (loss of the laptop in generel, unsecure wireless etc.)

remove the desktop for professionals ? (gimme my 2x24" + quadrofx gpu for modeling and where good)

it will stay as it is and thats perfect. Desktops at work and office, laptops on the go to work on certain aspects and then sync back on work.

the trend is going to owning BOTH instead of choosing one, and since most people are using theyre laptops only for inet and music listening on the go, id rather see future ipod pda devices replace the common laptop then the laptop replacing the desktop

titntin3718d ago

Desktops will always have a significant advantage over portable designs.

There is no question that at any given price point, you get a far better machine for your money with a desktop.

I don't see to many laptops with 30" screens and many terabytes of storage available - never mind the pro 3D cards I need to do my work.
There will always be a market for desktops, even if it shrinks.

Eliteplaying3718d ago

I prefer laptop only. I had desktop and laptop but stopped using desktop as it got a bit older. Now I'm staying on laptop in future. I use desktop computer only at my office and even for work I would prefer using laptop so I can take my work home easier.
Only thing that bothers me is the price of laptops compared to desktops but this is not of much importance to me.

badz1493718d ago

are you saying that your laptop is not getting 'older'?? what the hell are you talking about? you have an old pc and bought a new laptop, how could you compared them both?? and have you ever heard of USB thumb drive? or even portable HDD? or CD-RW? DVD-RW? MO? a lot of people including me also bring their work home and pen drives or all other things I mention above are doing it just fine!

plus, PCs are totally upgradable but not with laptop! a powerful laptop will cost a lot more than a PC with similar specs! it's true that laptops are getting more powerful but it will never overpower a PC, let alone replace them totally!

BlackCountryBob3718d ago

Desktops will always hold an advantage for high end users but for most users, a laptop does everything they need more than well enough.

I think even offices will start to some around to laptops soon, not for use as being portable (though that is useful) but due to other things like the reduced size (lead to smaller desks and more workers in a smaller space), lower power consumption (this is the big win) and the inclusive nature of them packing everything into one package (a base is relatively cheap but the screen, keyboard, mouse, webcam and speakers plus all the cables and plugs needed to tie it all together close the price differential considerably.

Laptops will take over most of the market apart from the very very high end uber expensive movie editing and gamer markets.

titntin3718d ago

Laptop ergonomics are bad. Work all day at a laptop and youll have a stiff neck for sure.
Desktops can be a lot more comfortable to work with, and for offices where people have to use a machine all day, that will be a deciding factor.

BlackCountryBob3718d ago

True, the ergonomics can be a challenge for some (not me, I have used a laptop daily for over 4 years and I am fine) but TBH knowing my fair share of IT buyers and office managers makes me think that the financial gains of lower power consumption and the need for smaller work spaces will have much more influence.

As for everyone in this thread who has said desktops will always be cheaper, you are right.. sort of. If the market continues to move the way it is towards laptops except for power users then maybe Intel, Nvidia, AMD/ATI will recognise this and stop making low and middle range desktop chips in favour of focusing on the more profitable high end users and laptop user. In 5 or so years maybe Nvidia would not bother with the 8500 and 8600 etc but just release the 8800 and the 8400m. There is nothing to say that the status quo of supplying every corner of the market will remain, profitability is key and if the bottom end of the desktop market continues to shrink then it will be abandoned faster than a prom night dumpster baby!

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