Fallout 4 - Bypass Settlement Size Limit Exploit

This exploit will allow you to bypass the size limit so you can build your settlement as big as you want! The first thing you want to do is go to a workbench in the settlement you want to use this exploit and as many weapons in the workbench as you want. Then after you have done take your weapons back and exit the workbench. Next go into your pip boy and drop the weapons on the ground. After you have done that go into workshop mode and hover over the weapons and hit the store button on all the dropped weapons. You will notice the yellow bar on the top right start going down. Once you have picked up your dropped weapons go ahead and build stuff until you reach the size limit. Once you have reached your size limit head on over to the workbench and grab your stored weapons and do the process all over again until you build your perfect settlement.

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TheBurger291157d ago

Yay! The size limit really pisses me off.