Why Fallout 4 Deserves a Perfect Score

Ignore the bugs and concentrate on the fact that Fallout 4 features perhaps the best open world ever in a video game.

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crazychris41241064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

Perfect score means its perfect, if its has noticeable bugs, fps issues and other problems then its not perfect but close. Still Im looking forward to getting the game either next month or January.

Lou-Cipher1064d ago

If a game is not complete at launch, it does not deserve a perfect score.

When are these reviewers going to punish these studio's (Especially Bethesda) for continually shipping unfinshed/buggy/broken games?

KyRo1064d ago

Totally agree with this. The reviews for this game have been totally unjustified and if it didn't have the Fallout name it wouldn't be getting the scores it did.

nX1064d ago

I'm 25 hours in and wouldn't call it unfinished or broken at all. Slightly buggy yes, but I have yet to encounter any serious problems... it's probably the best optimized Bethesda game of the last few years and I'm happy that they finally released a stable open world title. It's far from perfect but I wouldn't deduct many points for technical issues... the simplified character development & dialogue system however would make me give it a 9/10.

kneon1064d ago


I've had it crash about 4 times in the last two days, and it wasn't even when anything complicated was going on. It crashed once just because I tried to transfer a fusion core out of power armor.

I also got permanently stuck in a building with no way out when I fell off a platform. Luckily I had a recent save. I've also died a couple of times for no apparent reason, just dropped dead.

And why are there often things exploding in the water? There are no living creatures around yet the water churns and sometimes makes an exploding sound.

They also haven't fixed their sound issues, you can often hear people on the other side of a concrete wall just because they are close. It seems it's purely based on proximity, ignoring all obstacles.

And of course it's fallout so sometimes enemies go rocketing up into the sky or fall through the ground.

k2d1064d ago

This is why we are not reviewers. Also;

A 10/10 isn't the same as a 10.0 out of 10.0 or 100 out of 100 (like metacritic translate scores into). Further more;

>>>Since there is so much game in Fallout 4, and since there aren't any bugs that have any detrimental effect on the gameplay<<< (atleast to my 50 hours of gameplay on PS4 and 10 hours of gameplay on Xbox One), Fallout 4 deserves the praise it is getting. And certainly doesn't deserve the amount of trolling and hate it's currently receiving.

In my opinion, Fallout 4 is a 9.5 out of 10, and a 10/10 if Bethesda ever fixes the bugs and performance issues.

Ps. To those referring to The Witcher 3 - "Come on?!".. F4 is a totally different game, with more system running, more taxing gamestyle, and not that much more bug-ridden at launch than The Witcher..

TheCommentator1063d ago


I hate to tell you this, but all those scores are the same. Even 5/5 is still 100%. The math is really simple, actually.

Martingw1063d ago

The Character build is not simple, it's more complex then Fallout 3 due to the hidden skills, which were total visibly i Fallout 3 and New vegas.
you still have the whole skill system, you just cant see it.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1064d ago

10/10 shouldn't be labeled as perfect score. Nothing is perfect. A 10/10 means the game is a must own and well-made. No game is free of bugs and issues, and that shouldn't bother anyone as long as the frames don't drop to 0 or game crashes constantly

Kalebninja1064d ago

Even if thats the case, this game just isnt a 10/10.

DanteVFenris6661064d ago

@kale for you.

Definatley a 10 for me

WellyUK1064d ago

It's not quite a 10 but it's a solid 9 for me, people can hate on it all they want but it's one of my favorite games this year.

k2d1064d ago

@kalebninja: Thats just, like, you're opinion man....

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showtimefolks1064d ago

During ps2 Gen gamers were ok with fames getting 6.5 to 7 yet still enjoying

Last Gen 7.5 became such a bad thing that anything under a 9 was not good. Publishers even put clauses in game development to make sure developers reach a certain number(fallout new Vegas developer didn't get their bonus because the game got overall 84 when the contract stated they needed 85)

But than this thing happened where major AAA games needed 10 or they weren't good. Now most major AAA titles end up getting 10's. And no matter what a 10 means perfect, if a game isn't perfect don't give it a 10 simple as that

Look at how many 10's we had in gaming just a decade ago and now look at the 10's in last 5 years

Most huge AAA games do get close to perfect scores

Taero1064d ago

Or what it meant to be a 10 changed from being perfect (virtually impossible but a bit easier and a simpler time for hardware/bugs) to being a must own with few flaws that are easily overlooked because of how good the whole is. It's a must play even for people who normally wouldn't etc.

TheBurger291063d ago

No game is perfect, there is always room for improvement.

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GreetingsfromCanada1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

Idk, the game has a lot of bugs, is ugly and still has performance issues. Moreover, the story so far is meh and the game essentially lacks a narrative direction. On top of the fact the level and quest design comes down to go there and shoot through a wave of enemies.

Malphite1064d ago

I'm 30+ hours in an I haven't encountered many bugs yet. I also heavily disagree with it being ugly. I think the game looks fine. The graphics surely aren't bar setting but the game still looks good imo.

Livecustoms1064d ago

I agree, the game is fun (which is the most important thing) and the graphics aren't mindblowing but are good enough to immerse you into the world.

Muadiib1064d ago

The environments look OK but the models look horrible (they always do in a Bethesda game) as does the ai and mob animations, also the combat is as bad as ever.

At this point I think it's fair to say if Bethesda was a restaurant it would be a value for money all you can eat kind, you get your moneys worth but nothing truly outstanding. I'm not knocking it, it just explains it's popularity that's all.

WellyUK1064d ago

"Ugly" you must be playing on a console then. Game runs great on most PC's and looks good. Story? who cares it's the exploring and side quests that make these games.

Gatsu1064d ago

I agree, runs really well on my PC and looks good too :). All the exploring is what I love about Fallout!

GreetingsfromCanada1063d ago

Aside from the fact the consoles do run some of the core things like textures at ultra, I'm on my pc. I've blasted it to the highest possible settings and the textures still look crapping in too many places. The game has no narrative, the quests are really similar as well. There's no point to exploring if comes down to go here, shoot that and repeat.

Pixelart1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

I like the game. I've been playing it on PC ultra @ 99 fps (fps manually capped by me). But does it have awesome graphics... No.. Hell no. A pretty game it isn't. I'd hate to see what it looks like on consoles.

Mariusmssj1064d ago

The game is really fun but far from perfect.

Malphite1064d ago

MGS V, The Witcher 3 and Bloodborne weren't perfect either. Complex games can't be perfect. Does that mean we should only give perfect scores to simple games? I think the review scores stand for the enjoyment the reviewer had playing the game not for the perfection of the game.

shodan741064d ago

I respectfully disagree. Brilliant game - but there are some significant flaws.

Livecustoms1064d ago

I cant stop playing the game, but i still believe its not the 'perfect' game. I haven't finished the main story yet but so far would give it a 9.0