Adorable The Last of Us Joel and Ellie Limited Edition Figure Set Released

Do you like The Last of Us? Do you find Joel and Ellie Adorable? Do you wish you could own a little super deformed piece of them? Well, you're in luck.

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-Foxtrot1070d ago (Edited 1070d ago )

Awesome. I might pick one of these up

I thought it was going to be the NaughtyDog store at first. Can't believe they haven't got a Europe store sorted when they bring out special edition stuff which then gets sold out.

KiwiViper851070d ago (Edited 1070d ago )


Maybe I'm not the target market, but I'm sure anyone who enjoyed the dark, gritty story line of TLoU, wouldn't appreciate these cartoonish and childish figures.


Guess i was wrong...

DarkOcelet1070d ago

Oh come on, lighten up. They look awesomely cute!

-Foxtrot1070d ago

Well they had a realistic styled statue for the collectors edition so I don't see the harm in one of these

Kingdomcome2471070d ago

I never saw that. I'm going to need to check out now.

TwoForce1070d ago

I love cartoons and anime. So yeah, they are very cute. Not everything to be realistic.

WeAreLegion1070d ago

Nice. Might grab these for my sister.