Worldwide Hardware and Software Chart for Week Ending August 1st, 2008

VGChartz reports that their estimated worldwide hardware and software chart for week ending Aug 1st, 2008 is as follows:

Hardware Totals: [Last Week #]

DSL: 552,941 (+5%) [527,891]
Wii: 326,075 (-14%) [377,614]
PSP: 211,699 (-5%) [222,943]
360: 151,437 (+4%) [145,469]
PS3: 123,643 (+6%) [116,195]
PS2: 97,662 (-2%) [99,693]

Top 15 Software Worldwide:

1 Soul Calibur IV (360) 382,716 382,716 [NEW]
2 Phantasy Star Portable (PSP) 325,907 325,907 [NEW]
3 Soul Calibur IV (PS3) 297,195 297,195 [NEW]
4 Wii Sports (Wii) 293,678 27,139,101
5 Wii Fit (Wii) 244,587 6,254,696
6 Rhythm Heaven Gold (DS) 211,958 211,958 [NEW]
7 Mario Kart Wii (Wii) 165,740 6,770,392
8 Wii Play (Wii) 129,861 13,970,032
9 Dragon Quest V (DS) 108,226 968,952
10 Guitar Hero: On Tour (DS) 101,701 840,843
11 Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon 2: Time/Darkness (DS) 88,299 2,999,575
12 New Super Mario Bros (DS) 81,841 15,227,463
13 Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (PS3) 80,809 2,738,570
14 Super Smash Bros Brawl (Wii) 80,718 6,511,448
15 Nintendogs (DS) 80,340 19,192,679

Other New Releases:

37 Fatal Frame IV (Wii) 31,415 31,415 [NEW]

Software Totals: [Last Week Total]

DSL: 2,361,459 (+3%) [2,297,669] Tie Ratio: 3.53
Wii: 1,918,973 (-4%) [2,007,042] Tie Ratio: 4.95
360: 1,387,532 (+28%) [1,081,849] Tie Ratio: 6.88
PS3: 1,008,375 (+29%) [779,576] Tie Ratio: 4.50
PSP: 694,210 (+60%) [432,551] Tie Ratio: 2.09
PS2: 514,536 (-17%) [617,323] Tie Ratio: n/a

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Sonics0203725d ago

Will most likely stay like this until Sony restocks with there new model. 360 should see a temporary boost in japan over the next week or two.

Ben10543725d ago

and with the price cut coming it should sell much more.

power of Green 3725d ago

What makes you think MSFT isn't overstocking for the up coming pricecuts and new multi media capabilities?. My point is you're making excuses.

"360 should see a temporary boost in japan over the next week or two"

^^ Japan will be seeing AAA's untill the middle of next year(known games).

The 360 started to do good after E3 and before any of the other reasons and excuses.

chanto233725d ago

it IS doing better on the PS3, 360 has 4 million more consoles out there and the only sold ~85000 more games, had the PS3 had the same amount of consoles out there the PS3 would have sold like ~70000 units more...

SCThor3725d ago

Now the tables are turned, right xbox fans? well, PS3 will recover in the following weeks, not even mention when October gets when software and hardware will sky rocket (LBP&Bioshock)

Cyrus3653725d ago

POG 1.2 What are the AAA titles in japan 360 is coming out with? Tales I know is coming out this week, but what else?

I believe they have Last Ramenant this year, Star Ocean next year, i know i'll probably forgetting something.

The Lazy One3725d ago

yes... because 360 has no exclusives coming, or a price cut, ... or a massive dashboard update... ...



badz1493725d ago

now dashboard also move consoles?? consider this...

man1: I'll buy a 360 this coming October
man2: wow, finally you're getting one for yourself, nice! btw, why october? any good game coming?
man1: no, but there'll be a new dashboard!
man2 = me: WTF??

The Lazy One3724d ago

but to casual gamers it has a lot of new content.

Xbox primetime, netflix integration, avatars, and XNA community games. All on top of the large and increasing amount of content they already have.

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AStupidXbot3725d ago

I'm going to be smart this time, whoever approves this are idiots

The Almighty PS3rd3725d ago

Don't start whining PS3rd Nasim.

We know how much you love being in last place!!!

You've been there and your staying for a LONG time... and possibly forever.

Get comfy. This battle isn't even close to over.


Xbox 360 is getting the better harddrives and dropped price on the 20gb models. That's what it is.

PS3rd 4 EVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!..........HAHA HHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA

Price drop coming soon.

Nasim/Wasim/Wulan/Schmee/Vict or E all your desperate last place PS3rd losing accounts.


You will be owned. I can see it now. Microsft are going to keep there lead for a long, long time. They already would be at the pace Sony was slowly creeping up at....Xbox 360 can still win. If you don't believe so. Sit back and watch it happen.

O how the mighty fall!!! Poor Playstation 3rd!!!!!!!!!!!!!


n4gzz3725d ago

don't damage your brain cell over console.

AStupidXbot3725d ago

These guys are idiots


power of Green 3725d ago

Look at this fuc above foaming at the mouth.

theKiller3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

because like this ps3 will have a price cut soon and that means good bye 360 for ever!

if ps3 is always selling more than 360 then they wont have the need for a price cut, competition is healthy guys!!

am very very happy that 360 is selling more, its better for me as a future ps3 owner!

and what surprise me in the open zone is that there is many bots above and below me talking about nasim and ps3 fanboys and they r them selfs the biggest xbots in the web site! POG and LA Chance is a very popular bots in here and he is making fun of Nasim hahahahahahahaha!! thats really funny.

Eiffel3724d ago

Remember nothing by Sony is ever cheap or even close to decently affordable. The PS3 getting a price cut is about as likely as Miley Cyrus not being a whore, last time I checked a impossibility at the maximum altitude.
Kaz Hirai: LULZ Price Cut,NO! Moar Useless Updates!

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socomnick3725d ago

This open zone is very entertaining.

La Chance3725d ago

the differant "characters" , the crazy posts etc.The almight ps3rd post is hilarious , the predicatable Nasim/Tanod/Shmee always faithful to his "first whiny post" spot ...

Great idea to create a special zone for flaiming.

Asurastrike3725d ago

Was there this sense of pride of your system of choice selling the best, last generation?

I remember I invited my friends over to play Mario Party and SSB on my Gamecube, then playing Final Fantasy X on my PS2 after they left, and going over to my friends house to play Halo on his Xbox. Exactly when did it start to matter which console sold the most?

Mausenheimmer3725d ago

Well that's in real life. On the internet, people with different consoles than you are scum and deserve nothing but laughter and derision.

For example, saying "The Wii has fun games" at a party will get you nods of agreement. But say it online, and people will call you a retard.

Mausenheimmer3725d ago

VGChartz has released new data? No doubt people will gaze upon it and understand how various hardware pieces are doing this week and better understand the "console wars".

Nah! They'll probably just say VGChartz is full of baloney because it doesn't say what they want it to.

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