Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection 1.02 Update Is Live, Improves Visuals And Stability

The 2nd update for Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is live, and it comes in at over 1GB in download size. Here is the full list of improvements and fixes made to the game.

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DarkOcelet1093d ago

So Driveclub and Nathan Drake Collection gets a visual upgrade back to back. Thats pretty awesome!

SniperControl1093d ago

Just shows Sony and Dev's are always looking to improve the PS4's performance, good to hear as i own both games.

TwoForce1093d ago

Well, you can't deny that the support of two games are so amazing.

DarkOcelet1093d ago

Yeah, especially Driveclub. Devs has been supporting it from day 1 till now. I havent got the Bikes dlc yet but i will soon.

TwoForce1093d ago

Trust me, Driveclub Bike is more fun than driving a car.

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showtimefolks1093d ago

evolution b studios have imo set the standard for how you support a racing game

cd project red imo have set the standard for how you handle a open world rpg(with patches and free content along with paid content)

for as much hate as drive club got, look at the game and it's sales along with developer support. it just shows haters will hate, i am glad many gamers actually saw drive club's value and not just look at reviews

i can't wait for what evolution studios does next

would love a motorstorm game
would love a new drive club experience

or maybe a brand new racing IP

i think they will take everything they learned from drive club, early issues, fan feedback, adding content etc, and make a proper sequel called drive club 2

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trywizardo1093d ago (Edited 1093d ago )

yup just finished installing it , the graphics is a bit better , but i can't see the difference in the trophies ...
and its just 1GB :)

dantesparda1093d ago

Can you explain what you think looks better?

trywizardo1093d ago

the faces are the same , but the walls and grounds are sharper , and water looks a bit better than before ...

dantesparda1093d ago

Hmm, sounds good, I haven't checked it out myself but I hope your right.

MasterCornholio1093d ago


Sounds like they might have improved the texture filtering.

PizzaSteve1093d ago

What about Chloe's butt? How it looks?

trywizardo1093d ago

well , so far the best upgrade was Nathans butt xD

Knushwood Butt1092d ago

Some are glitched.

I have all 61 treasures in Drake's Fortune but the gold trophy never popped.

trywizardo1092d ago

i didn't reach there yet xD , I've only collected 27 i think ...

jb2271092d ago

Are the treasures disabled for Explorer mode? I played through the collection once on normal & I was going to do a second playthrough on Explorer to grab all of the treasures, but I got about a third of the way into DF & never found a single one.

DivineAssault 1093d ago

seems like a decent update.. visuals and movement are always good to have.. 1GB though? Oh well, i havent even opened my copy yet so im happy to get a better experience when i decide to play.. My 1TB HDD i put in there will be maxed out next year.. I wish the updates werent attached to the game installs because i have some deleting to do

IAmLee1093d ago

I've completed 1 but I'm taking my time with the others, going to drag them out until the UC4 beta starts :')

FITgamer1093d ago

I already got platinum trophies on all three games didn't notice any stability issues.

FITgamer1093d ago

Damn 7 disagrees? I guess i did notice them i just have amnesia.

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