Green Man Gaming unable to deliver all Star Wars: Battlefront pre-orders

Discount gaming retailer Green Man Gaming e-mailed Stars Wars: Battlefront buyers this morning to say it will be unable to deliver everyone’s pre-order on launch day, due to a shortage of product keys.

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BattleAxe1069d ago

What a bunch of idiots. Why would anyone buy it from these guys anyway?

crazychris41241069d ago

Cheap and Ive never had a problem with them.

willbrunelle1069d ago

Any chance you purchased Black Ops III from them? I've been looking to chat with folks who had issues with their product keys, from GMG. Apparently many folks either didn't get Nuketown when promised or got a broken key altogether.

willbrunelle1069d ago

I think on one hand, buying a game for $17 under retail on launch day should raise red flags for consumers, and you should know you're obviously getting into a weird gray area for what might happen, and whether you're getting a legitimate key or getting screwed over.

On the other hand, a discount is a discount, and many people are simply unwilling to buy from traditional retailers if there's the slightest chance they can get games cheaper.

It's a weird notion, for sure.

Testfire1069d ago

Digital and shortage in the same sentence seems like an oxymoron. It really makes me rethink where these guys get their keys from. I've heard rumors that some sites buy keys with stolen credit cards, either directly or indirectly. I hope it isn't so.

willbrunelle1069d ago

It does certainly raise the questions. GMG promises the keys are from legitimate sources, but that has repeatedly come under question.