Why I hate Destiny's grind, but can't stop playing

Everyone who plays Destiny knows that the grind is real, so why are there still people playing it? Tony Nguyen over at [email protected] explains why it's so grindy, and how it still manages to sink all his time away!

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AidenPearce1159d ago

Then the system works. They consulted with the same kind of psychologists that casinos use. It's designed to to keep players hooked, even when they don't really want to be.

ChozenWoan1159d ago

Do not try to complete the grind, that's impossible.
Instead, only try to realize the truth.
There is no grind.
Then you'll see that it's not the grind that is real.
Tis only Bungie's greed.

Yea, I'm slowly walking away from this game. I'm tired of working hard to get some gear and level it up, only to have Bungie nerfgrade it all when the next patch/DLC drops.

Summons751159d ago

It's an's meant to be grindy. Look at WoW, at is 100% grind and people have spent a decade playing it and stoping only to eat and drink. That's the game. You either play till you wanna play something else, keep playing with friends, or just don't like it cause MMOs aren't for everyone.

FEELMINEZ1159d ago

Not so sure about 'the greed of Bungie' but like Summons said it's how the game is supposed to be, you either like it or you don't.

TheSaint1158d ago

What part of Destiny is massively multi player? The answer is none of it, as it's not an MMO.

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ChozenWoan1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

I don't mind some grinding to get gear and such. What I do mind is gaming that feels like a second job due to how much work is needed to get anything. Then for my work to be turned into trash due to dev's not approving of gamers making the most of the tools/gear they've been given.

To top it all off, my gear becomes obsolete when the next DLC drops. House of Wolves was a step in the right direction, but TTK basically took everything back to day one again. Just multiply the original light lvls by 10 and you get what we have today.

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TheSaint1158d ago

Lol, nice, there is no spoon.

ChozenWoan1158d ago

finally someone caught on.

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Hereiamhereibe21158d ago

I did not intend to buy TTK at all. Then every single one of my friends got it and once again I was roped right back in. My main issue with Destiny is not the grind, its not RNG, its not Microtransactions. Its the fact that all I seem to do in that game is help other people. I do all my own quests solo and I even stepped into Oryx/Crota/Atheon completely by myself just to know what to do when I inevitably ended up carrying all of my less than capable friends through everything. I enjoy playing games with my friends but all Destiny does is turn us into enemies, its not fun blame is always being tossed around and playing with randomns is by far the most painful aspect of this game. Thats it, the community for this game is so set in their ways and filled with toxic bigotry, they literally will not let you tell them whats wrong with the game instead they go ahead and complain about how hard everything is and how bullshit the drops are. Its insane, its like someone is spoonfeeding them shit but they wont admit that all they are doing is eating shit, the nuts dont add texture its still shit.

GNious1158d ago

Didn't make it through the 1st paragraph before the writer had messed up the English Language.