PEGI Removes Minecraft: Wii U Edition Listing

After posting it a day before Nintendo's latest Nintendo Direct presentation, PEGI has gone ahead and removed the listing for Minecraft: Wii U Edition.

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FallenAngel19841070d ago

One has to really wonder why Minecraft has come to virtually every platform except Wii U.

Summons751070d ago

Well before Notch is an open Nintendo hater, with a passion. But now M$ owns it so that's probably the reason now.

Frinker1070d ago

"Nintendo Hater" What are you on about? Why do you think people have an agenda with the Wii U? Maybe it's jsut not a very good, nor profitable system...

Summons751070d ago


He has openly come out and talked unprofessionally down about Nintendo...pretty sure that's being a hater. Though him being unprofessional isn't too much of a surprise, he is the industries biggest douchebag.

rdgneoz31070d ago

Similar reason to why most games don't come to the Wii U. PS4 and xbone have similar architecture, but to bring a game to the Wii U you'll have to spend a lot of time and money to get it to work right. And with the install base so low, it's not always worth it. Hell, with the NX or such going to be announced soon, why spend a bunch of time and money on something that will be replaced soon?

jholden32491070d ago

Because sales are sales. Same reason they ported to Vita, which has different architecture.

Nearly 11 million Wii U owners. Guaranteed Minecraft could pick up one, maybe two million sales given its popularity.

And 3DS? Money maker for sure. I think they do plan on porting it, now that MS owns it. Question is, when.

DivineAssault 1070d ago (Edited 1070d ago )


Vita's architecture is nowhere near as diiferent as nintendos.. Marc Cerney helped develop the vita with powerful smartphone hardware closer to PC layouts..

Its a damn shame wii u isnt getting any love from 3rd party but theyve always went against the grain & should make future hardware closer to PCs and cater to 3rd party so they wont be as hesitant to take risks

Jughead34161070d ago

Dang, Wii U can't even get Minecraft?

InTheZoneAC1068d ago

gotta love the stealth troll disagrees.

You made a factual statement and people still click clickity away

Ck1x1070d ago

Probably going to be announced at the VGA's...