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When Electronic Arts announced that DICE would be handling Battlefront it seemed like a perfect fit. If you’re going to do large scale battles, attempt to capture the essence of this popular movie franchise and try to re-kindle the magic that made the original games from Pandemic so popular, who better to handle such an important franchise? They’ve proven time and time again that few do shooters as well, or better. After all, Battlefield is loved by the shooter community for its vehicular combat, sprawling fields of war, and class based gameplay. It’s a match made in heaven.

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Erik73571093d ago (Edited 1093d ago )

DICE is the perfect fit for it, EA was the one who ruined it.

ginsunuva1093d ago

You know that DICE is like 10 companies now all named DICE.

Erik73571093d ago

Nope, I have a life so I don't have that much time to know all that.

mEATgrinder1092d ago

Do you roll the dice and see what you get?

DragoonsScaleLegends1092d ago

@Fries1223 Yeah because only people without a life gain knowledge...

DarkOcelet1093d ago

"I’m not saying DICE should’ve made Battlefront an identical clone to that game, but so much of it feels similar to that series, it left me feeling like Battlefront was a watered down version of Battlefield with a very shiny coat of paint slapped on it."

Again the same conclusion, feels like Battlefield, low content, becomes tedious fast.

With those graphics, they could have added a campaign mode similar to Star Wars 1313. What a wasted potential. I hope Visceral don't screw up their Star Wars game and hopefully it doesn't have Microtransactions.

-Foxtrot1093d ago

If Visceral's Star Wars is like 1313 and has that Uncharted vibe thanks to Hennig then I hope if it does well and gets a sequel they'll have an online similar to Uncharted 2s. Simple, fun, skillfull

DarkOcelet1093d ago

If they announce Microtransactions/Always online crap or 50$ Season Pass, i wont get it.

But seeing how EA want to milk the Star Wars IP as much as they can, pretty sure both overpriced dlc and mircrotransations will be there.

monkeyDzoro1092d ago

It already HAD that vibe BEFORE Hennig joined...

jb2271092d ago

Visceral's SW game is the only one on my radar. I don't play MP unless it's local personally, I just really dig a well crafted sp campaign. Have they announced whether or not the Visceral game will have an mp or not yet? I assume it will based off of how things go these days, but it would be a little hypocritical of EA to say that doing a campaign for an mp focused game would've been a waste of resources but doing an mp for a sp focused game would have merit. I'm totally fine either way myself, as long as the campaign is a proper focus & offers a worthwhile experience for sp gamers. I say more fun for everyone, even if it isn't my bag.

Honestly though Visceral was one of my favorite devs from last gen, Hennig one of my favorite writers, Uncharted one of my favorite styles of game, and Star Wars is one of my favorite Sci Fi franchises, so this game has a lot riding on its shoulders, but I'm hoping it'll be able to deliver on all of this promise.

stuna11093d ago

I think them dropping the microtransaction and the $50 season pass would have made this game an easier pill to swallow. I enjoyed playing the Beta as did millions of others, but the lack of content has damaged the reception of this game! Being that there are far bigger in scope games out now which offer more gameplay and content wise.

It's a shame really, this game could have been so much more! It has the look, it has the sound. What I believe it needed more than anything was Time.

Niceman911093d ago

The sad thing about this is that it will still sell very well, regardless whether or not it is lacking in content or becomes tedious after a short while.

With that said, the beta was fun, but I could immediately tell that there wouldn't be enough for me to truly enjoy (I absolutely hate the decision to have vehicles spawn as power ups though). From what I've read so far, walker assault is the mode of choice and the only one which feels authentic, whereas the other modes feel like little thought was put into them. It's not long now until we can all judge for ourselves, but I'm already prepared to be dissapointed.

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MasterD9191093d ago

I had faith in this game like a lot of people but once the gameplay came out it was quite obvious this was a cheap cash-in for the movie.

I have a friend who is buying this despite me telling him how dead the online will be within months + lack of campaign. Sure, no campaign wouldn't be that big of a deal...except for the fact that this is STAR WARS! Ridiculous to give this game to DICE and EA, who focus solely on multiplayer nowadays.

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