NGB | Star Wars Battlefront Review

NGB wrote: "There’s no doubt about it, this is the most authentic Star Wars game to date. DICE has absolutely nailed the look and feel of the original trilogy. It’s a Star Wars fan’s wet dream. Playing Walker Assault and Supremacy, you’ll have some fantastic moments. However, once you get over that (and you will), you’ll come to realise there’s a distinct lack of content and the gunplay isn’t that great. For a game pushed as a first-person shooter, it’s actually better played in third-person. That said, if you focus on its two best modes, Star Wars Battlefront is lots of fun. I just wish there was more to get stuck into and enjoy."

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Bennibop2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

When was this game pushed as first person shooter? battlefront has always been third person based.

Bennibop2640d ago

I know you can play as either but DICE have never pushed it as 1st Person shooter ever, its purely player choice!

Kribwalker2641d ago

It's been fun, been playing it on EA access, but it is really light on content, and at first I was awestruck, especially on Endor, but it has gotten rather tiresome playing the same small amount of locations and the same guns to the point I haven't even used up my trial of access on it yet.

Rookie_Monster2641d ago

7-7.5 sounds like the general consensus so far for the game. Having already played on EA Access, pretty much spot on.

turdburgler10802641d ago

Another just passing grade.

DieCamperDie2640d ago

I tried the beta and I loved the gameplay the hit detection is perfect it is very very similar to MW3 you can spray with your gun from medium range and that's very important for me to take out campers i tried bo3 as well everybody headgliching and lots of corner campers and unfortunately the hit detection is crap in BO3 so yeah i'll spend my money for a better gameplay. \
So all you haters, have a good camp in BO3.