GamesBeat Star Wars: Battlefront impressions: It gives you nerdy chills even with a lack of content

GamesBeat writes: "Star Wars: Battlefront is fun. It’s a great Star Wars game. What I can’t tell you right now, however, is if it has any longevity. Right now, the lack of map variety could mean that you get sick of the game faster than you would otherwise, and EA dividing the community in the future with paid DLC planets may not help the problem."

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ColManischewitz1119d ago

I'm not a shooter fan, though I'm a big Star Wars fan. During the beta, I loved the Hoth map and didn't care how many times I died -- I had that much fun playing it.

venom061119d ago

this game is a BLAST to play and probably the best looking console game we'll see for a LONG, LONG time....

lipton1011119d ago

I disagreed with your statement, not with the first part of it, it is a blast to play, but to be fair, a lot of other games have ridiculously good graphics right now and upcoming, mgsv and Uncharted 4 for example, so I really don't understand the basis to that statement.

On a side note - already preloaded and ready to go! Can't wait for 12:01 tonight

venom061118d ago

its not even about graphics.. the game is actually fun especially with friends.

Wallstreet371118d ago

Presently Drive Club holds that title (yes racers count). Witcher is also up there with wayyyyyy more content. Uncharted 4 is coming. Killzone Sf has sp and mp and looks awesome. Xbox fans will say Ryse which looks great but is linear.

You must not own those games or a ps4

It does look great though and im picking it up from the store in 5 minutes, too bad i have a late meeting smh.

Wh15ky1118d ago

I love the Killzone games but I didn't think killzone SF looked all that great. The only other FPS I've played so far this gen has been COD AW and its graphics for its campaign were far better than Killzones.

Drive Club does looks fantastic though.

Wallstreet371118d ago

Cod campaign looks better than killzones?!!!! I completely disagree but hey we all have opinions.

Wh15ky1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

Did you play AWs campaign?
It looked fantastic. The MP looked AWful, I'm only refering to the campaign.

Killzone games usually look great but I fail to see what was so great about SF,the facial animations were really not good.

jmc88881118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

This game is going to be a blast for a long time. It's star wars, it has many modes, and more are coming.

There are quite a few maps, the problem people are pointing out, is that the Walker Assault HUGE MAPS (literally 15-20x the size of any CoD map EVER), has only four at launch. Endor, Sullus, Tatooine, and of course Hoth. Pre-orders get a 5th free one Jakku in December.

You have air battle modes, you have hero modes, you have racing modes, you have your typical TDM and Conquest modes, etc, etc.

You have single player wave modes.

Then you have to remember they had to stay true to the Star Wars look and feel. Not an easy task, it adds a ton more work to ANY game.

Now... if I told you they made this game from the ground up, with not one line of code copy and pasted from Battlefield in less time then they make a yearly Call of Duty game... what would you say?


Call of Duty gets THREE YEARS to make the SAME GAME. EA secured the rights to MAKE THIS GAME as announced in MAY of 2013. In other words in 2 1/2 years they went from securing the rights to launching this game.

Only ignorant people will say they should have had ALSO had a single player mode and space battles in this game.

If someone wanted those things and was willing to wait until 2017 or later, then yes you can legitimately hold that position. But who wants to wait 2 or more years to play this?

There are other Star Wars games coming out around that timeframe. This is the first of many, love it for what it IS, and for WHEN you are getting it. BEFORE Episode VII, not between Episode VIII and IX.

Also the season pass is supposed to add a total of 14 new maps.

Some people are unfairly comparing this to 2005, or the later cancelled Battlefront 3. This is not that game, and that game was never going to be made. It's a new start, with new assets, new engine, new everything. Development wise is was done in almost no time.

Also they fail to forget that a game that costs $60 in 2015, is akin to handing over the purchasing power of $25 in 2005. So while the game costs nominally $10 more, in terms of purchasing power you are actually giving up, IN REALITY, it costs less then half.

Just like $399 in 2013 for a PS4 was roughly 1/3 the price of a PS3 for $599 in 2006.

The gameplay of this game is very varied, thus not all maps make sense with each mode. To have 12 maps in each mode, they would of had to make like 20+ maps.

This is a great game. If you want to wait for a cheaper option, that's completely fine and up to YOU. But this game is going to rock.

Again, this is what I'll be like tonight.

lipton1011118d ago

Great points. I agree 95% (barring inflation estimate). Bubbles.

What I'd add though is timing. They did a lot in 2.5 years. The reason there's no single player, etc, is because, and I'd be willing to bet on this, one condition of the agreement was that it was to be released alongside force awakens to capitalize and ride the essentially free (or tag-along) marketing they'll get with the release of the movie. Brilliant business move. EA essentially has a license to print money between now and Q1 2016. I bet sales spark after release of force awakens as well.

And I say none of this in a negative way. They made all the right moves. The game looks and plays extremely well. They deserve to reap the benefits of their efforts. Hats off to you Dice. Don't spend all that cash in one place ;-)

OB1Biker1118d ago

Yea I agree some very good points. Btw jakku dlc is free for everyone and brings 2 more maps I believe. As for the price, it's the same as most games nowadays and nobody is forced to buy a season pass. In UK I'll pick it up Thursday cheap enough on retail and trading old games. I'd say digital sales are way too expensive though and that where gamers should voice their discontent.

MadMax1118d ago (Edited 1118d ago )

This game is a fantastic Star Wars experience for us old school fans, especially! Experiencing this in solo mode and some couch co op with my 4 yr old, and we're both having a blast! This is coming from someone who does not have ps plus and it is still well worth it!

Been playing since Friday, as my local game store got in copies early and love it!

Bobafret1118d ago

I find your lack of content disturbing.