Attention Gamers : What they think of No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky is going to set a new meaning for exploration games. And this concept is really something that will keep up with the word ‘adventure’. No Man’s Sky is an intergalactic-exploration based game.

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AudioEppa1156d ago

I thought it looked very boring in the beginning, but now it looks somewhat pretty cool.

But it's a game I will not pay $60 for, nope.

And I will probably never go that deep with the exploring, because I find exploring to be very dull as a selling point for any game.

I'll pick it up when it's under $30, got too many other games to play first.

showtimefolks1156d ago

It's one of those games that haven't been presented or explained well. I do believe this game will be good and I think Sony sees the potential that's why they are supprtimg the developers even better

The expectations people have can't be matched and a lot of stuff people have made it inside the heads because the developers sure didn't promise it

It's getting a lot of Gare lately just because of my first point, I think now people are ready to just get in their hands and play it

The best time for this would be in may 2016 if not than July or August. Release when there isn't a lot of competition

Also this will be a full priced game which may turn some people off because many thought a indie title for 14.99

But the amount of content they are promising could be easily worth the asking price

freshslicepizza1156d ago

the potential is there but the development has been long with no end in sight. it's also likely been delayed because of sony and wanting it to be released with psvr. which probably explains the price now being $60.

it's a wait and see and hopefully microtransactions don't ruin it.

Tsar4ever011155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

I don't think they'll be any micro-transactions in NMS. S Murray said in more than a few of his vids interviews that they won't be any DLC in NMS, you have to GRIND to PROGRESS in this game through Mining, Discovering Fauna & Flora, Planets & Lost Alien Tech, Space Fighting, Trading & Buying.

He also said he hopes if the game is a Success he and his dev team will rely on the Fan community suggestive input & ideas to help EXPAND the NMS universe through implementing new types of gameplay features, through this I don't mean paid DLC.