Hover Runs At [email protected] On PS4 & XB1; WiiU Version Will Have To Be Remade From Scratch

Hover: Revolt of Gamers will run at [email protected] on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The WiiU version, though, will have to be completely remade.

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odderz1067d ago

Predicting Wii U cancellation.

Imp0ssibl31067d ago

Poor WiiU. Maybe Nintendo will understand the importance of powerful hardware some day

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1067d ago

Has nothing to do with hardware. Developing on Wii U you gonna need to code it differently. Many devs are too lazy to do so.

That why they said remade from scratch.

Dubaman1067d ago

They did - it was called the Gamecube. The console which, along with the XBox, was outsold by the far weaker and most popular console of all time, the PS2. Why didnt power matter then?

Angeljuice1067d ago

"We’re using Physically Based Rendering and other rendering technologies that don’t really run well on WiiU.'

Of course it has something to do with power.

1067d ago
freshslicepizza1067d ago

oddly enough you still have some who think the xbox one is closer to the wii u in terms of performance than the ps4.

r2oB1066d ago

@ dubaman

Power didn't matter then because:

- PlayStation already had a loyal fan base from PS1 era.
- It released a year and a half before the the competition (other than Dreamcast), meaning it had a huge install base already.
- GameCube didn't use DVDs, which was a nice perk of consoles at the time.
- GameCube was the decline of 3rd party support, probably due to small install base.

iplay1up21066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

That is just a troll comment. Xeonoblade X says hello. This game has to be built ground up, because of the Wii U architecture.

Wii was the first system Nintendo is did not go all power up. Wii U has the game pad, which Nintendo spent too much money on, which is why Wii U doesn't have more power. That being said Wii U has plenty of fantastic looking games, and this game does not look like it needs any more than Wii U has to has a 2000 Jet set Radio vibe.

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N4g_null1067d ago

First they have to get their key issues dealt with. PBS are not needed in a toon based render..... ummmm windwaker. It's expensive making a game and if fast racing neo and zelda can look good with pbs then I wonder what is their real problem. Actually PBS work pretty good on the wiiu if you understand unity3d.

The game is a train wreck at this point though. Good luck with this being good.

Alexious1067d ago

From what I can see, people on Steam appreciate the game so far.

Maybay1066d ago

After looking at Xenoblade Chronicles X - I often question developers who put the Wii U under a dim light. Shin'en's been able to create an amazing game called Fast Neo Racing, so it is about how much effort developers have to put forward when delving games.

The fact that this game uses the unity engine (an engine the Wii U works very well with), makes this news even more bizarre.

ccgr1067d ago

Looks fun, love the art style

MetroidFREAK211067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

Interesting. Is this going to be a full AAA game or an indie game?

Alexious1067d ago

It's an indie game, funded via Kickstarter.

AKR1067d ago

This is starting to sound like Slightly Mad's Project CARS situation all over again.

The Wii U version was crowd-funded, not to mention that several indie games have ran quite fine on the system. Since this is using Unity, and Unity supports the console fully, I hope it isn't that much of a problem.

LOL_WUT1067d ago

Definitely seems like a hardware was to blame. Hopefully Nintendo doesn't repeat the same mistake with their upcoming system, seeing as 3rd party support is crucial. ;)

Alexious1067d ago

It's important to be in the same range of performance of competitors, otherwise developers will have to choose between remaking the game tailored for WiiU and not making it at all.

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