3 Things We Need More Of In Open-World Games

Short Pause: "Open-world games have come a long way over the last few years, but that doesn't stop us from wanting more out of favorite sprawling experiences, right? Here's three things we'd like to see more of in future open-world adventures."

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TheDude791069d ago

I would love to have more sophisticated AI in all video games, not just open world. I want a game that features enemies that use real tactics as opposed to jumping cover to cover out on the open with no regard for life. I want my actions to impact the game both short-term and long-term, which requires me to think more when I make decisions. I love that, and I think that makes certain games more immersive than others. There's no reason this type of feature can't be present in other games outside of open-world games either.

Nivekki1069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )

I think it's particularly hard in open world games though, it needs to be fair while being realistic. And I don't think we are anywhere near that goal at the moment, and probably won't be for a long while.

For certain open world games it can be achieved a bit better when there isn't much going on in the world but for games that are more involved it can take a lot of work, and processing power.

It's probably going to take a decade or two until we get anywhere close.

If you look at open world games as it is you can get a few definitions.

A game like Dark Souls or Bloodborne is a very limited open world - The open world is fairly minimal - the objects, factions and characters are at the low end. You can change the world but it is very defined in how that works. A change in the world is based usually on a single action.

A game like GTA is similar to Dark Souls but there are more objects, factions and characters. But by and large it is the same as a Dark Souls world, the change is bought about by the action of the player. It's clean cut.

A game like Fallout is at the far end of the scale, the game world has a huge amount of objects, factions and characters. Far more ambitious. The AI in a game like this will probably take the longest time as it's far more involved.

TheDude791069d ago

You're absolutely right, this type of AI is probably a little ways off, but can you imagine how much more fun and involving games will be? I can't wait to see what the future holds for gaming

Nivekki1069d ago

Yeah, I love watching it evolve. It's come a long way as it is.

s45gr321069d ago

I want to agree with you, but modders brought a very realistic A.I. to Fallout New Vegas/Skyrim. So its doable, is just not being done that's all

Solid_Penguin-641068d ago

"It needs to be fair while being realistic". That's not how life works lol

Personally I would love a realistic difficulty in which. you kill enemies fast, and vice versa, forcing both sides to play it smart. Basically like grounded mode in the last of us, though it might mess with the RPG mechanics when a pistol could make short work of most enemies.

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tazmeah1069d ago

For me, the the recreational stuff is where I have a lot of fun when I'm not in the mood for completing missions. Gwent is one of the best features of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, I've spent an absurd amount of time learning and trying to master that game. Golfing in GTA is actually pretty fun too.

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s45gr321069d ago

Environmental destruction that's what is missing in open world games. Also to have repercussions for failing missions meaning instead of say get stuck on a mission (failing and failing over and over), be able to continue regardless of success/failure and see the consequences of the players failure. For example, the player failed to kill the dragon instead of trying over and over to kill the dragon ;failing to do so, the dragon destroys the village/villages nearby. Seeing the destruction of villages may encourage gamers to improve their skills. Developers need to embrace failure.

s45gr321069d ago

What I wrote only works on open world games not linear games probably point and click adventure games.

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