Review: Stella Glow – Imageepoch's Last Gasp - Slug Magazine

Slug Magazine: It’s not always easy to get the SRPG genre right, and you can’t really fault Imageepoch for trying all these years. Their Luminous Arc series, while attracting somewhat of a cult following, never really got off the ground in terms of popularity. It’s not that the games were bad—after all, many of the series’ installments borrowed liberally from the mechanics of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance—but when you’re taking cues from one of the best mobile SRPGs ever made, you’re putting yourself in some really tough company. The Luminous Arc series was decent in its own right, but with so many other brilliant offerings in the SRPG genre, it’s hard to hear the praise for a solid, but mediocre game over the high hails well due to the Disgaea and Final Fantasy Tactics series. Unfortunately, the excitement around Luminous Arc and other Imageepoch games waned, and the company declared bankruptcy earlier this year. However, before they closed up shop for good, they managed to finish one last game—Stella Glow.

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