PC World calls PS3 a top tech mistake of 2006

When it was announced in spring 2005, the Sony PlayStation 3 was going to be the greatest thing to hit home gaming since a hedgehog named Sonic. Then came the delays. By the time the PS3 arrived, it was six months late, and Nintendo's cheaper and more innovative Wii had stolen much of its thunder. At $599 for the 60GB model, the PS3 is twice the price of the original PlayStation 2, yet research firm iSupply -- which describes the PS3 as having supercomputer qualities--estimates that Sony still loses more than $200 per unit.

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Maddens Raiders5256d ago (Edited 5256d ago )

how in the hell is he gonna write this bile when roughly a month ago PC World wrote this about the PS3:

--"Expensive for a game console, but a great bargain for a console plus a Blu-ray Disc player, the PS3 is worth the wait." --

WTF????? a/w I wish people would just stfu and just let the sales go the way they go. I picture some mid-forties aged guy writing this story who has not a clue of what the hell he's talking about (if someone knows lemme know) when it comes to gaming. He's talking as if "Well that s it everybody! Weve Seen Everything Now -- Goodnight" I'll never trust reviewers again especially PC World's. It's amazing what a lil' bad press can do in the free world.

EDIT: - Holy Shi7 this guy looks like someone's grandad HA HA don't make me friggin' blow a kidney you gotta be kiddin' -- this guy?? WOW. That's really not fair because I know some mean grandads -- are you kidding me??? I just hate that Fuchheads like this mess things up for people who read that garbage and think he know's what the hell he's talking about. Damn you'd think SNE would have a marketing dept. to deflect this horse$hit? oh my bad I forgot SNE makes babies cry. So it's true.

XboxKing5256d ago (Edited 5256d ago )

They ALL could call the PS3 and Xbox 360 the "top tech mistake" and I would still buy ONE

for the games PS3= MGS4, KillZone 2, Ratchet and Clank PS3, and Devil May Cry 4
Xbox 360= Mass Effect, Halo 3, Too Human, Fable 2, and BioShock

wildcat5256d ago

Very true what you just said.

TheMART5256d ago

But what would you do if MGS4 and Devil May Cry 4 would jump over to the 360? What is the minimum of major titles were you're buying a certain console for?

Chances are big games do jump over to the 360. Soon it'll have 10 million sold. The PS3 only has about 480k sold. If a producer makes a game and then it has to sell, selling to millions is better then thousands...

BIadestarX5256d ago

this is bad rap for sony and can only hurt sales. If this trend continues (where major mainstream companies like times continue to call the PS3 a mistake and trash) Sony will be in trouble.

Syko5255d ago

People are damn near payn' retail for the PS3, While the Wii is selln' for double if not more. The hype has died and it is time for damage control by releasing games for the system, Not Blu-Ray movies. If it's not to big a strech too mabye the big wigs at sony should stop lying to the consumer also. It just looks so much worse when you overpromise and only deliver 60% of what your sayn'

JoelEH5255d ago

Is this going to have a long term affect? Time, CNN, PC world etc etc etc. I mean if you add up the readers listeners and watchers of all this major magazines, newspapers, and tv shows. It is a Big chuck of people. sales of PS3 are not gonna do good. while the same companies are saying the 360 is just right.

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