Partial nudity and more detailed for the 3DS exclusive, Project X Zone 2

The ESRB has listed a rating summary for Project X Zone 2, detailing the partial nudity and other content in the crossover strategy RPG.

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Kavorklestein1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

ZOMG! Partial nudity! Plus, it's got a Guy that kinda looks like Phoenix Wright!
It must be worth playing right?

Ummm yeahh...even with such promising 'details' this is crap that like 12 people in total will buy.

What I wanna know is Who the hell cares about- or even plays stupid stuff like this?

Stupid looking of course, being my opinion on the game. And all games of this style and/or type.

If others like it, then but it has less value IMO than Anime, and even anime is low on the list of things I very seldomly enjoy.

Different "strokes" for different folks I suppose.

I'm sure somebody is gonna be mad about my opinion, but like I said, different strokes for different folks.

Panaru1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

Uh, that IS Phoenix Wright. You don't really know what you're talking about, do you? Just looked at the article image and title and wrote your post. Typical.

Kavorklestein1067d ago

Cool! Not that it really matters but I still think it looks retarded.

Regardless of who is in it or why, or who is making it, it looks dumb to me.

This is just my opinion tho, Not the end of the world.

TFJWM1067d ago

Umm you do realize this is a strategy RPG game with Capcom, Namco Bandai and Sega characters and not a visual novel right?

Panaru1067d ago

Quick, Nintendo, better censor it before someone gets offended.

DualWielding1067d ago

it's funny, this game is developed by a Nintendo first party studio but published by a third party publisher, don't know any other time that has happened

lizard812881067d ago

I'd laugh so hard if they put a sweater on Morrígan