Spiderman: Web of Shadows at a Glance

GotGame: "I know what you're all thinking: another Spiderman game that'll be released for every system, oh boy. The previous three Spiderman games raise doubts and disappointment, but let's try to treat this one as a separate entity. I know I'm taking a big risk, but I'm hoping this game won't flop because it really seems to have a lot going for it."

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Death3813d ago

I am a huuuge Spider-Man fan and can't wait to get this game. :)


Mystery_Person3813d ago

Sounds like it's worth renting. It would really help if there was a demo. If there's no online, or trophies, say hi to Mr. Trash spiderman.

badkolo3813d ago

i hope its more mission based and less sand boxed, open yet closed to missions. super hero games just dont seem to work well in open ended sand box games ala every game to date.(ironman)spidy)(hulk)etc. ..