Pressurecast One-Hundred-Four: Microsoft Overcomes PS4’s Price Cut

Halo Saves Xbox’s October Sales, Twilight Princess HD Heads to Wii U, and We Discuss Our Feels On Fallout 4 and Rise of the Tomb Raider!

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madmonkey011067d ago

nope, situation is just as it was before halo and price cuts,

SourtreeDing1067d ago

but can it beat the PS4 again?

donthate1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

I don't know, but it is massive for MS to manage to overcome a price cut on PS4. Whatever success MS did with the Xbox One, doesn't quite explain why the PS4 actually had a significant reduction in same-month-sales in a month they dropped the price and had their only exclusive this year?

For whatever reason, Sony is having a decline in sales, whereas MS has had an increase year-over-year, and over same-month.

If it is because of Halo, then I really wonder how one exclusive can bring down another exclusive (albeit collection) + price cut.

MS is on an upwards trend since over a year ago, and Sony is suddenly on a down-wards trend. I still can't get over that the PS4 had a price cut and an exclusive launch and yet they somehow had a decline.

That said, sales smales. Doesn't matter to me, I enjoy the games and consoles whichever way it swings.

dirkdady1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

Answers simple - vast majority of ps4 sales for the past two months have been preorders for the black ops 3 and starwars ps4 bundle which don't count towards sales for NPD.
The sole uncharted bundle drove the 275k est sales against the Halo 5 Xbox bundle which has built up across several months with sales coming through and reflecting in the October 300k count.

Black ops and Star Wars ps4 bundles cumulative sales from preorders will hit November month so NPDs for this month which will be reported in December will clearly reflect this.

SniperControl1067d ago

Normal service will resume for November & December for the PS4, i did predict X1 would win October because of the Halo effect.

Why o why1067d ago

Honest question........does this pressurecast discuss this topic every month...........

DrKarateChop1066d ago

Hey duder! I'm the guy on the left in the video and host of the show. I also pick the topics ect.

I like to pull console and game sales numbers every single week, which are usually from the UK and Japan. NPD's are special so I try to put an extra emphasis on them. As for the cover story, it really depends on what's the most important story of the week.

Have we covered the same story once every couple of months? Probably. Will we continue to do so? Probably not. As time goes on, the significance of the events relating to the top selling US console will lessen. But I do think the Xbox One outselling the PS4 (for only the second time this year) is important.

TLDR: Yes, because the status quo is just about to be established.

Why o why1066d ago

Ok, fair enough. Ill tune in

DigitalRaptor1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

I remember a while ago I predicted that if XB1 didn’t catch up to the PS4 by the end of 2015, it never ever will. I also said that Halo is the only game that would ever give Xbox a strong, but temporary spike in sales. Truthfully, XB1 outsold the PS4 in North America by approximately 300k units. Now imagine for a second, that in a month where a main entry Halo launched (their biggest exclusive that will ever become), it sold only 300k more consoles than the competition. GLOBALLY, Microsoft didn’t overcome anything of the sort, and next month the discussion will be back to where it was in September - its logical place. Except lines will not be naively or disingenuously blurred.

Fallout 4 is bigger than ANY exclusive, CoD has ploughed through the Halo hype and so will Battlefront. It’s just the way things are, so no point in pretending. Halo 5 is the lowest selling Halo game ever, and that’s with console bundles. Additionally, Halo 5 did not ship as many consoles as previous games in the series. These are just the clinical details - from all the cheer, more than a 300k lead would be expected in regards to Microsoft’s top gaming franchise.

DragonDDark1067d ago

They still can't win against the ps4 in the US.
I mean generally, not 1 month.

Apocalypse Shadow1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

Good job Microsoft.A couple of thousand down. Now just 15+ million to go.

I guess ps4 gamers can put off saving money and spending $350 for psvr for a new *optional* way to play and get themselves an Xbox they can get a timed exclusive that just got nuked and we're just seeing the "fallout".


Rookie_Monster1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

Even with a price drop in early October, Oct 9, that put it at the same price as XB1, I and many were surprised it got outsold by XB1 in the USA by almost 30k, tbh. Even with Halo 5, not many expected that from all those previous N4G articles after the price drop and those Amazon sales ranking of the PS4 Uncharted Bundle.

What is even more shocking is PS3 actually sold less than last Oct with the price drop. But I expect both will do great in November and December just like last year.

SniperControl1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

You honestly think outselling PS4 by just 30k in the US with the X1's biggest franchise is a good thing?
That would class as a disaster to me.

@rookie below

Lol, lets be honest here, if there had been no Halo, the PS4 would have taken October by a larger margin than previous months.

Rookie_Monster1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

So are you saying the 22 days of price reduction don't mean anything for PS4 in October? A win is a win as judging from previous posts when the Uncharted bundle and PS4 price was cut, almost everyone claiming MS can't win a month without a price cut of their own, Halo or no Halo.

Now, that NPD is out, somehow Halo and MS victory don't mean anything. Okay, dud, Ok. :/

2pacalypsenow1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

@Rookie_Monster , no it doesn't mean anything because come January Playstation 4 is gonna outsell it again for 10 straight months until MS reduces the price to 299-249 with 50+ free games and then its the same dance again until 2017. Only difference is that in 2016 Sony will release some of its heavy hitters

1066d ago
2pacalypsenow1067d ago

Same thing from last holiday season, people claimed xbox was gonna outsell every month. looks how that turned out

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