Call of Duty Black Ops III: War has (slightly) changed - Player One Review

Player One writes: "By now everybody knows that the Call of Duty franchise is a well oiled machine, pumping out a game each year. Activision recently switched the development cycle to three years per game and Black Ops III is the first to receive this treatment. Treyarch has worked on it since the release of the previous Black Ops game and the amount of work put into this package is obvious. But is this enough to bring back fans of the series who have fallen off? Well, it just might be."

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Eonjay1066d ago

I really love this game.

thewarlordc1066d ago

Did you finish Advanced Warfare? That had a better campaign


I don't like the sound when you hit the enemy while playing online,to me it sounds really generic

thewarlordc1066d ago

It's a thing CoD îs known for. Would be weird to change it now.