Resident Evil Revelations 2 Deluxe Edition available on Xbox One at a super low price

Neil writes "If you haven’t yet experienced the horror of Resident Evil Revelations 2, then the bundle which has just appeared on the Xbox One Games Store gives you absolutely no excuse to leave it any longer!"

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Tobsesan1067d ago

Is it worth getting? I played Resident evil remastered and it was good, how is this one?

1067d ago
jc485731067d ago

not as good as the first Revelations if that helps.

Concertoine1067d ago

Remaster is way better, but i like Revelations 2.

If you're a big RE fan, Revelations 2 will tug on those nostalgia strings. Otherwise, it's just a kind of mediocre horror game.

Angerfist1067d ago

Call me crazy but i think I paid jusr 25 or 30 Euros for the digital Version with the season Pass even when it was released in episodes.

Goozex1067d ago

Believe it have this version on ps4 already

irgei1067d ago

I really don't see the deal here...

In Germany the disc version is approx 20£ for quite some time now.. No microtransaction weapon slots dlc.... but also no stupid digital download...

neil3631067d ago

But you have to move occasionally to put the disc in and out. ;)