Star Wars Battlefront Update 1.02 Is the Second One Before Launch, Includes Matchmaking Fix

Star Wars Battlefront is still a day or so away from launch depending on where you live, but that hasn’t stopped DICE from pumping out a couple of day-zero patches. A second patch has recently been released, and below you’ll find the update log.

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GamingWithMack1156d ago

Here's hoping for a stable launch!


I played the beta and it ran smooth ps4

lipton1011156d ago

I saw my ps4 download the patch yesterday actually. Mine is already preloaded and ready to go. I'll be playing this at midnight on the dot tonight and I cannot wait!

michaelpb1156d ago

So long as the online runs smoothly, I'm all for an extra day-one update!

Dynasty20211156d ago

First DICE game ever where I really don't care - the beta showed this game to be a skill-less, generic shooter with no team work required, wrapped in the glitter of Star Wars hype.

madmonkey011156d ago

so like every console shooter, but with added starwars,

danny8181156d ago

Lol no. BF4 needs skill which is a dice game. Halo is another example of skill if you are confused. COD is a trigger happy game meaning who shoots first wins, that's what he's talking about

GearSkiN1156d ago

I agree this is more who shoot first win... While in halo you can turn things around.

RegorL1156d ago

Han Solo shot first...

Doesn't it actually take skill to point your weapon in the right direction? Find your aim and shoot (and hit) first?

cd11156d ago

First DICE game i'm actually looking forward to, myself.

Don't bother wrapping mine mate, it wont stay sealed for long :)

madmonkey011156d ago

runs great and looks great on all platforms.

uth111156d ago

A company fixing matchmaking BEFORE launch? What a concept! /s

Aenea1156d ago

We might need to thank EA Access on the X1 for this!

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