Check Out The Level 50 Shadow Trooper in Star Wars Battlefront

Reaching level 50 in Star Wars Battlefront sure does have its rewards. Check out the level 50 Shadow Trooper, plus Twi'Lek, advanced Star Cards and more beyond Level 50!

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Alduin1066d ago

Looks pretty slick. Like literally... he looks oiled up and ready for anything.

nX1066d ago

Never heard PewDiePie huh?

Wallstreet371066d ago

Im spending alot of time on Black ops 3 mp and finally been enjoying zombies (after initially not liking the way they did zombies) but i have to get this also since i loved the beta. Days need more than 24 hours in them. Oh damn just remembered that Bloodborne dlc releases soon too smh!!!!!

EnigmaSG11066d ago

This game just looks and plays so good. Just a little longer, and Star Wars bliss for the next few weeks!

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