5 Different Personalities You’ll Encounter in a Destiny Strike

Everybody plays Destiny different, so when you team up for the weekly Strike you may come across a few different personalities.

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brokenbracket1070d ago

With Fallout 4 out now, no one is playing Destiny lol. Their matchmaking rooms are probably so empty right now.

ninsigma1070d ago

Actually I still play Destiny and I'll never get fallout 4. My clan mates play f4 but they stop playing in the evenings to play destiny. You couldn't be anymore wrong.

brokenbracket1061d ago

I can guarantee you their lobby numbers have dropped since the release of fallout 4. But I have nothing to prove, as I do miss Destiny at times myself. Had a bunch of great gaming session memories with Destiny. But I've since moved on. But game on brother.

ninsigma1061d ago

Talk about late reply xD
Yeah no doubt numbers dropped. I mean halo, blops, tr, fallout and battlefront. That's crazy competition. But not empty xD They have a large active user base still which is really great.
Destiny is great for memorable moments if you have a team of people to play with. I don't game locally with friends anymore, cuz ya know, growing up and all that, and destiny has provided me with some great times with people I met from a clan I joined. It's like having those awesome gaming sessions when I was younger again. Decided to take a break from it though for a while. We've all burnt ourselves out from over playing the game so I'll wait till the next expansion if not before that to jump back on. It's all about tr and bloodborne right now but destiny has given me new online friend and we have a chat set up outside of the game so we play other games too, it's awesome. It's stuff like that, that makes me love gaming. Coming onto sites like this makes you forget that there actually is a great community out there!

Speech over xD

UnHoly_One1070d ago

I hate the speed runners.

It's like they don't understand that all the regular enemies can drop loot, too.

ABizzel11069d ago

I must say I'm a speed runner....usually, and honestly I could care less about the 90% green engram the ads drop, or the 10% chance Blue Engram.

When I do a strike it's literally to get done with a mission / bounty / quest / or marks, so I want to get it done and over, pop my 3 of coin and the boss and hope for my exotic engram.

I don't mind people staying back and clearing stuff for engrams, but I'm going to the boss, and no one should complain especially if they're back there loot farming. Be happy I didn't kill everything.


ninsigma1069d ago

Well, the whole team can benefit from everyone killing everything because when you're officially part of a fire team (not randomly coming across someone during patrol or whatever) you have a chance of getting drops from your team mates kills. But other than that I agree. If you're doing matchmaking then you're more than likely not sticking around long.

Volkama1070d ago

Can't say personalities stand out to me, since they all stay muted regardless. Online gaming (with strangers) is usually better that way.

ninsigma1069d ago

Yeah no one uses the mikes during matchmaking. Tbh you don't really need it anyway. It's not like the strikes are very hard.

Sparticus_11069d ago

I put in over 1300 hours on destiny....I will not spend anymore money on the taken king and they make the game unplayable without buying the new content....destiny is dead to me.....

TM3331069d ago

Do people still play this game?:/

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