Microtransactions Arrive in Forza Motorsport 6

SegmentNext - Turn 10 has released Tokens for Forza 6, an in-game currency item which players can use to get different items.

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Volkama1066d ago

lol quick, re-review the game and dock 2 points so Microsoft get the message that this is pretty low. Unless it means we're getting free track packs, a la Halo 5.

DarkOcelet1066d ago

I don't like this. The game shouldn't have Microtransactions. Its insulting to the fanbase.

Crimzon1066d ago

Yes it is. I just wish people could be united in standing against BS like this rather than having double-standards based on fanboy allegiances. Forza having microtransactions is disgraceful and you know what? Naughty Dog's obsession with pay-to-win microtransactions is disgraceful as well.

I wish people could take a stand against all of this, rather than picking and choosing when it's okay and when it's not (usually based on which console they own).

brokasfawk1066d ago

They (Microsoft) made half a million in one week with Halo 5 micro transactions so is it a surprise this is happening?
I won't support this but many will which is sad

Rookie_Monster1066d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

Why is it insulting?

It is the same deal with other games that let players earn in-game credits with playing or give them option to pay to get it early like Uncharted 4
Gamespot: Players will be able to purchase various weapons, tools, and upgrades, but the studio has made it clear that every item can also be earned through in-game currency.

Pcgamer: When additional characters and so on are made available as DLC, you'll be able to buy them with real money (sorry, with 'Zenny', a currency you can purchase with real money), or with 'Fight Money', which you'll earn by playing the game. It's basically microtransactions, with a soupçon of free-to-play mixed in.

Having said that, I wish in a perfect world there is no microtransactions but hey, it is what it is.

SpeakTruthAlways1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )


Turn10 must be such a good studio that they delayed the inclusion of MTs in forza 6 so that it could get a good metacritic( forza 5 got called out for it by the reviewers), and now when everything is done and dusted they are going to add MTs in it. Quite disingenous, but keep on defending, you are doing it a lot lately. Hope you are paid well.

abstractel1065d ago

It keeps developers employed and you really don't have to buy anything if you don't want to. If you feel that the $60 game you bought had enough content, you don't need to hate DLC/Microtransactions. Why should you feel entitled to free content releases after the game is released?

Remember when there was no DLC, everyone was happy. Just imagine we still lived in those days and you've lost nothing. The idea that developers are holding back content for DLC/Microtransactions is up to you to decide when you see the full game and what you get for your $60.

CuddlyREDRUM1065d ago

MGS5 has microtransactions. Isn't that insulting to you?

sinspirit1065d ago

What some people keep saying is "it's optional!" and in some situations you can earn said item with in game currency from playing it. Yeah. In some games this seems fine but it is an enabler. An enabler is just the start of a worser trend and thing is MS held back the MT until after reviews. That's very abusive to do this because of Forza 5's lack of content and the disappointment it brought when it still had the audacity to put cars up for real money at launch day while it was a rushed sequel with less content than prior releases. Stop enabling. Stop pinpointing that this one particular thing is "fine" and then jumping on the boat when it is brought too far and all the other conditioned players that pay-to-win, pay twice the price of the game to unlock items with real money, or simply have been conditioned to feel a constant "level up" sensation because of modern gaming trends, and then they feel the need to pay only because the option is there and it is tempting. Not because they look at any other game without the offer and think.. "Well I sure would like to spend money so I can rush through all the extra gameplay!".

Insomnia_841065d ago

"Forza Motorsport 6 won't have microtransactions."

-Adds microtransactions after release.

The sneaky way of everything Microsoft. They always shiw their true face from time to time.

DarkOcelet1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )


Well, if you saw my MGSV comments then you know that i was against its microtransactions. And i would say F Konami every time i get the chance. So yeah, that pissed me off.

creeping judas1065d ago

DriveClub has microtransactions, fan base doesn't bat an eye, Forza 6 integrates microtransactions, the same said fan base looses their mind? Insert Joker meme!

yewles11065d ago

Oh dear...

"It keeps developers employed"

ROFLMFAO!!! XD XD XD *puke from laughter* Screw this gen. LOL!!!

NeoGamer2321065d ago

Obviously you and the many other people harping about this in these comments do not own or are part of the Forza fanbase.

The option to buy tokens has been available in every Forza game since Forza Motorsports 4. It isn't really an insult to the fanbase giving the same option they have had for 5 games now.

Tokens do not progress you through the game any faster. No matter what you have to race in all the races to progress. All tokens do is allow you to buy tuning setups, designs, and cars that you may want rather than earning extra credits.

UltimateMaster1065d ago

Yeah, for once I tough it was great that this was the first Microsoft Xbox Exclusive Game to not have Micro-Transaction.

That didn't last long...

shloobmm31065d ago

If a person wants some vehicles but doesn't have time to grind it out to get them who cares if he wants to buy some tokens to get them. It's not insulting. It's convenient for the fan base.

_-EDMIX-_1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

@Insomnia- ? Did they really say that? "Forza Motorsport 6 won't have microtransactions." ???

I think you confused what they stated. They never said it won't have microtransactions as in ever, just merely not at launch.

I sorta knew they wouldn't actually state something like that as...thats sorta strange considering Forza 6 just came out, thus this wasn't some new thing, its been planned for a release. guys know me to not really like MS too much, this is true. They are not my favorite anything to be honest, even their OS I merely deal with lol, but I dislike people who lie even more.

I mean...maybe you confused what you heard or read, thats fine, but just like could have googled it to make sure the statement you were now making wasn't incorrect.

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slate911066d ago

Yeah man, uncharted 4 should come out the gate with 8/10 since they will have m/t.

Volkama1066d ago

Yes, Micro-transactions can only be detrimental in that game as well. I don't know what they're selling yet, but it could well ruin the multiplayer (if it turns out good enough to ruin).

Still, that'd score it an 18. Uncharted 4 starts the review process at about 20/10. Call it the Naughty Dog effect.

Christopher1066d ago

Depending on the type of microtransactions, I wouldn't seen an issue with docking points. If it's Pay2Win or locking content behind it in general, then definitely dock points. That's just my opinion, though.

What we do and say speaks a ton. Look at what happened with that horrible pre-order concept that Square was trying to pull with Mankind Divided. Now, everyone gets all the pre-order stuff without trying to force more people to pre-order that in the end results in us selecting on some of the content from the whole rather than just respecting us and giving it to everyone.

Eonjay1066d ago ShowReplies(1)
Christopher1066d ago

***Unless it means we're getting free track packs, a la Halo 5.***

Technically not free, though, since they rely on people spending money on microtransactions to get them.

Sadly, this seems to be the way of the world of video games now. AAA gaming has picked up the worst habit from mobile gaming. Make people give you 10x the money that the game is worth and give them back with what used to be DLC that costs half what the original game itself cost.

PhucSeeker1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

Are there anything free in the business world ? Also games cost more and more to make these days, hi-res models and stunning graphical effect don't grow on tree. And all the (dedicated) servers they have to maintain cost serious moolah too. Game should have costed 80$-100$ a piece in order to make profits. But that would scare lots of customer away. So they resulted into this.

People asks for more graphics, more new contents than previous titles but won't pay more. How is that fair ? So until a new official price for video games is in place, these DLC and Microtransactions won't be going away anytime soon.

Christopher1065d ago

@PhucSeeker: The only reason games would cost that much in today's market is because of how much money they throw into marketing. It's not the cost of development that has increased at such a rate that they can't make a profit (because companies now sell a lot more copies to make up for the increased costs compared to back in the day when it cost $400k to make a game but it sold <200k in total ever), it's the amount of money they throw into marketing.

Furthermore, the profit margins on microtransactions are ridiculously high since it allows them to set a profit goal and then utilize money after that to support the game. Do they want a 200% profit margin on this game? Well, until they reach that point, no sense in announcing how the game will be "supported" if at all due to microtransactions.

***People asks for more graphics, more new contents than previous titles but won't pay more. ***

This is not true at all. People already pay $110 on a regular basis for a new game by buying the box and then buying the season pass and similar DLC. And that's even just for multiplayer only games or the like as opposed to what was developed a decade ago when we got full fledged single and multiplayer experiences. Those reduction in overall game capabilities is also a way for them to ring in costs. Just look at SW Battlefront and what is not in that compared to past SW Battlefront games.

1065d ago
PhucSeeker1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

@Christopher How many would buy the game if it doesn't have that much advertisement. They make a great product but it doesn't mean much if people doesn't know about its existence. I understand you guys like video games and read about it everyday (like me). But there's a whole bigger audience that doesn't have time to read about games or pays them much attention. They play games but don't give them much thought. Also in the old days, game didn't sell much copies precisely because of poor marketing (also Wii U).

And with the "want more but won't pay more" thing, i meant people who refuse to buy games that cost more than 60$, not anyone who shell out 110$ for a game because these guys are clearly okay with that. But i agree on Battlefront being an attempt at cashing-in on Star Wars fan.

Regarding Forza 6, i don't know what is their plan. But i'm interested in is what will they do with the profits. Might be the foundation for their next installment or a new game.

@SolidStateSnake Devs have to either bought the better technology or develop their own. And neither of them are a cheap option.

Christopher1065d ago

***How many would buy the game if it doesn't have that much advertisement. They make a great product but it doesn't mean much if people doesn't know about its existence.***

Tons of games sell well enough without millions in advertisement. Most Nintendo games don't have the same amount of advertising as your typical Holiday release AAA title and they sell extremely well. Tons of Indie Studios have been going strong for over a decade with almost no advertising. Your games like CoD and SW Battlefront will continue to have big advertisements, but most games put out on consoles don't need millions in advertisement that doubles overall cost to create. IMHO, at least.

***But there's a whole bigger audience that doesn't have time to read about games or pays them much attention.***

That audience tends to play games that us 'news readers' clamor for, though. Look at Minecraft. No advertising, biggest hit ever because so many people play it. Same with most mobile games as well. They see the latest game in the app store and see how many people have downloaded it. They play it. Simple as that. They don't need big money to tell them what people are playing for every game.

But, I'm not saying you're incorrect about how advertising money is utilized, I'm saying that most games don't need it the way that others do.

***Regarding Forza 6, i don't know what is their plan. But i'm interested in is what will they do with the profits. Might be the foundation for their next installment or a new game. ***

I think it's aimed at getting extra money to appease stakeholders, to be honest. Stakeholders only care about profits, not winning in hardware or software sales. So, if they can get more money out of their users to make the profits look good, they will.

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LackTrue4K1066d ago

For me personally, I don't mind micro transactions/DLC....for games I really did like. And it's always you're [email protected] the end. Wish this game was on the PlayStation 4

otherZinc1065d ago ShowReplies(2)
CuddlyREDRUM1065d ago

When will Naughty Dog games be docked for it?

N4GGuy241065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

Just a reminder guys many games have microtransactions. Last of Us had one of the worst kind of micro transaction that gave players a competitive edge in mutliplayer. It was disguised as DLC. Remember the outrage this caused? Of course Naughty Dog will be adding it yet again in UC4 hopefully not in this shameful manner.

It is far worse when players get an a competitive edge then merely buying in game currency or cars early ala Driveclub, Forza 5 or Halo 5 purchasing comestics with req packs.

badz1491065d ago

Seriously, you are gonna bring Driveclub into this? There has been 2 cars in DC that can be bought if you haven't obtain them - LaFerrari & Renault I forgot what model. That's it and it doesn't give you any sort of advantage whatsoever. And then there are the double fame boosters which are to help you lvl up faster. It's pretty pointless now that they are making certain manufacturers double fame like every week. this week is double fame for all BMWs.

How the hell did you even think that they are even remotely similar to Forza's token is beyond me.

showtimefolks1065d ago

as long as us gamers are not united on this, publishers will keep taking advantage of this feature. instead of some of you defending ms or any publishers how about we stick together and let our voices be heard

micro transactions have no place in consoles/pc gaming

on mobile it exists and i could careless but when we pay full prices for games than stuff like this isn't needed

but simple excuse frpom publishers and fanboys is always the same, well no one is forcing you to pay. but these features are always designed to make gamers pay or be in game that becomes a grindfest

for once please unite for one cause and that's against greedy publishers

UltraNova1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

Yes they should! After all that flack they got from F5's micro-transactions they decided to sneak them in F6 after release with the sole purpose of getting good review scores!

Look me in the eye (figuratively speaking) and tell it aint so!

Micro transactions are a cancer to gaming, the sooner we realize this the better and we should never give them an easy time when they sneak them in games like this.

Microtransactions is the beginning of the end and no one should get away with it, because if they succeed into making the majority accept them, they will no doubt turn games to Free to Pay sooner rather than later, be it MS, Sony, EA, Activision or Ubisoft we should make our voices heard now!

rocketpanda1065d ago

If people are going to spend money with microtransaction and companies making bags of money week in and out, then review scores mean nothing to them.

Also it is pretty shitty to open any AAA game to microtransactions at a later date. It is not a fair reflection of what was the final review. Changing any scores now is meaningless. These companies know exactly what they're doing and could care less about its user base.

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ChronicPsycho1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

Wow! Sales must be pretty low for such BS to be added to the game.

Volkama1066d ago

That's not how corporate greed works.

Eonjay1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

But is it really greed if the sales are bad? Can you really knock them for trying to recover some money? Not saying its right or wrong but I wouldn't classify this as greed.

As unsurprising it is to everyone that the game didn't sell well, I think the developers at least should try to get paid.

ThePope1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

@ Eonjay

Whos to say the game didn't sell well? Based on whos metric are you making that determination? Does it have to sell as well as Halo or Fallout to be considered a success? Because a racing game will never have that level of success (not even GT)

Assuming the game sold in line with MS and Turn 10 projections wouldn't stop them from implementing this. UC has MT and is expected to be the PS4 best selling game by far. As does Halo, and GTA.

Games have been the same price for 11 years, so of course they are going to do things like this. Its not at all indicative of how well it sold.

IIFloodyII1065d ago

Except multiple GT games have had that level of success, granted racing games have fallen massively since then and only really GT and Mario Kart ever broke the 10 million mark regularly, but they did easily match Halo and Fallout in sales, hell Mario Kart Wii sold better than a few mainline Halo games combined.

sinspirit1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )


You have a great point about sales relativity. A game doesn't have to sell as much as a huge AAA game to be a success. Some think 1 million launc day isn't even good. Of course other games perform better. But, good sales are good sales.

Racing is a huge genre. Honestly I think Need For Speed is one of the biggest reasons for racing fans being shakey over the genre these days. Stick with the formula and improve it. As Flood said. GT on PS1 and PS2 were astoundingly huge. It's one of the biggest games overseas and it's just big here. PS3 it sold pretty solid. The genre hasn't been quite as big as it once was but I feel like we are going to make that return. The PS4 is selling stupidly well and XBox is doing quite well despite the rough competition.

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PizzaSteve1066d ago

Yeah the sales have been declining annually and that's why I been saying Forza shouldn't have an annual release.

They even said there won't be micro transactions.

1066d ago
tinynuggins1066d ago

Not declining annually. Up from forza 5. Forza 4 was on 360 and had a much larger install base so that would explain the drop from 3 to 4. Its also not really an annual release. I've never actually played a For a motorsport game but I really liked the horizon series.

tinynuggins1066d ago

Well they kept true to their word. They clearly said that there would be no microtransactions at launch.

badz1491065d ago


Yeah, I think it's a clever play of words but just over a mont after lanch is still considered pretty new so...I still think they did try to lie and hide their true intentions. It's kinda shady and shameless IMO

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ConsoleCaesar1066d ago ShowReplies(3)
Hoffmann1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

DriveClub gets free stuff, Forza gets microtransactions.

This is why I never recommend someone to buy a Xbox platform.

There are some good exclusive games on the xboxes since it launched, no question about that. But Microsoft itself tried to screw customers over so damn many times.

annoyedgamer1066d ago

Good thing Playstations killer app Uncharted has no microtransactions..oh wait.

Seriously just stop. At this rate all platforms will be based of microtransactions and soon the game industry will crash...again.

Hoffmann1066d ago

Which game company started Microtransactions btw?

@your comment

The best way for you, me and every gamer with a fully working brain is to simply not support something they don't like. Don't buy dlc don't buy microtransactions stuff no matter how cool it looks on first sight. Don't buy games at launch anymore since it takes often weeks until the game is so patched that the big bugs are removed or fighting games as example finally have a balanced roster.

Don't buy season passes, don't pre order games.

Our wallets decide.

Volkama1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

Nah, the best way for us to protest things we don't like is to speak out about it. Voting with our wallets can send a powerful message, but often our wallets can't articulate what we're trying to say.

Take Halo 5. I haven't paid for any req packs, but I have bought the game and other people have spent a lot of money on req packs. I am not 'supporting' micro-transactions, but I am not in any way sending a message that I dislike them.

Now look at something smaller like Crimson Dragon. If I avoid buying the game because I don't like Micro-transactions it just sends a message that I didn't want to buy Crimson Dragon. Will the suits at Microsoft re-think their strategy on MTs, or will they evaluate the sales figures and decide obscure Japanese games with dragons don't really sell that well?

Sometimes you need to protest using words and sentences.

abstractel1065d ago

95% of all games that come out are fully fledged games worth of $60. If you choose to buy MT or DLC, that's up to you, but you got the game you paid for.

My only grief is if you can pay to win in multiplayer. Most developers have avoided that well.

MRMagoo1231065d ago

Did they say uncharted wouldn't have microtransactions tho like turn 10 did ?

GTgamer1065d ago

Atleast naughty Dog ain't lie :/

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Volkama1066d ago

Some of the Driveclub comparisons above are pretty funny, but if you're being serious in that comparison it isn't a great example. Driveclub's menu is pretty much a store front, particularly if you don't have the season pass.

Beats pay-for-progress tokens, but let's not pretend that Driveclub is a one time purchase that doesn't attempt to squeeze players for a bit of extra revenue.

Hoffmann1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

I totally agree that it is questionable to advertise the dlc content in the menu directly next to the stuff that is on the disc already, there are better ways to do that.

However, don't forget that they really improve the game almost every month a bit since launch, be it through fixing stuff at the start ( I bought it in February when online was working as it should) and later new graphical effects up to new free challenges and a few tracks as well.

There is more and more dlc coming but the demand is clearly there and is a better solution than to make DriveClub 2 already and want another fullprice for it.

DC is an amazing racing game and one of the few cases where more and more content is a good thing. (It prevented me from buying any other racing game since February)

Crimzon1066d ago

Yup, DriveClub's handling of DLC is just as despicable as Forza's, but it's hard for people to accept that when double standards are so prevalent amongst fanboys. I remember when people had a strong backlash against the DLC for Evolve for example, yet the masses of DLC for DriveClub is apparently okay? It's utterly stupid how people will go against their convictions just because an exclusive game pulls the same crap on them.

I mean look at the guy above, he thinks all that DLC nonsense is okay because DriveClub gets patches? It's completely backwards. Of course the game should get patches because it released in an inexcusable state and is still missing basic features even to this day, so damn right they should keep fixing that sorry excuse for a game. The notion that something like that can somehow excuse cramming DLC down peoples throats is absurd. People will come up with the most ridiculous excuses for a lot of the BS in this industry, and it's always down to petty fanboy obsessions, as if these greedy companies actually care about them at the end of the day.

If people would actually wise-up about this stuff, we'd see all this nonsense disappear overnight but nope, it's always okay when developers for exclusive games do it...

TwoForce1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

@Crimzon The way of DriveClub support are very different than Forza. The game have amazing visual and great gameplay. People enjoy Driveclub more than Forza. Because it was new ip and fresh. The way you trashing on Driveclub are very rubbish. You downplay every single things about DriveClub. That's just absurd me. There a lot things to talk about, but maybe next time.

Crimzon1065d ago


You know what's really absurd? The private messages that you were sending me, telling me to leave N4G because you didn't like that I was criticizing Uncharted.

How about for a change, you stop being such a fanboy and try to look at things objectively and with a level head? I mean really, how can anyone say that DLC is really bad in one game, but totally okay in the other because one of them is a new IP? Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound? It's just desperate excuses and double standards because rather than hold every game to the exact same standard, you always want to make excuses for exclusive games.

This is exactly why we keep having to deal with crappy microtransactions, absurd DLC practices, broken and unfinished games as well as terrible service in general. If people like you would hold every game to the exact same standard, it would solve a lot of problems. But no, you can't, because your precious exclusives always have to be free from criticism don't they? Typical fanboy drivel. Wake up.

testerg351065d ago

You gotta love the its ok for DC because the demand is there

Knushwood Butt1065d ago

GT6 is a better example.

Everything they added post-launch has been free.

It does have a form of micro-transactions though.

GTgamer1065d ago

But they ain't lie about it and they give free cars and free substantial updates sorry but no matter how you try to hate them they have a game that keeps changing and that's not a bad thing because in the end the games support is crazy if people wanna pay for the extra content that's on them(not to mention DC season pass was only 20 damn dollars and you get everythinggggggggggg way more content that most games that charge way more for season passes *Cough* BatmanAK *Cough*)

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Lennoxb631066d ago

Forza also gets free car dlc.

Septic1065d ago

Driveclub gets free stuff? Like what? The Replay mode? It also has paid dlc and no where NEAR as much content and barely any Japanese cars.

This is why you never recommend people to get the Xbox, for fear of them getting a console that actually has a complete game and a GOOD racer or two?


GTgamer1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

Don't do it to yourself because I've asked you for proof on multiple occasions that you actually own Dc and you didn't prove it.of course you get lied too by turn10 and your cool with it, Forza 6 sales were low ashell so before you complain about a Sony exclusive go get your xbox friends to by their own.
#imma roast you til your cooked don't think I forgot that you were on every Dc article talking bs about a game you didn't own:/
BS is lying to your fanbase and creating sequels that offer less that the ones before and downgrading ya game and tell no one buttttttttttttt I digress.

Hoffmann1065d ago

Seems you never played DriveClub.

Septic1065d ago

You've asked me proof on multiple occasions? Gimme your PSN ID and we'll play together and then maybe I can school you both in party chat about why you lot are defending a weak game but hilariously deriding a FAR MORE completel and thoroughly superior racing title.

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slate911066d ago

LOL @ hoffman and so many others with fake concern and terrible desparate jabs. Use anything in order to downplay xbox. You guys are incredible. Nice bubble amount by the way.

LP-Eleven1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

Isn't this a bit of irony, considering, just above, you were the first one to bring up Uncharted 4 in a Forza 6 article? Just a thought.

Hoffmann1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

Thanks, you're welcome.

Oh btw

Bret screwed Bret

ps: Lol @ you for being the first who talks about Uncharted here but has a problem with us comparing Microtransactions in a Xbox game with Free stuff in a Sony game.