Just Cause 3 preorder prices have all the bang for your buck

NSG: Closing the packed Xmas release schedule with a bang, Just Cause 3 is mere weeks away from its December 1st release. PC owners are set to benefit from this seriously heavy discount on the PC version. I’ve listed the best console prices too. US and UK options are available.

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bggriffiths1157d ago

They had me sold with 'infinite C4'. I mean, what game wouldn't benefit from that? Big hopes for this one, I just hope it isn't filled with busywork like Mad Max.

UKmilitia1157d ago

im wondering why this game is so cheap.
i have seen it for £30 on ps4 on preorder.

alfcrippinjr1157d ago

because Avalanche Studios is a independent company

who like to offer us all good games at a price
we can afford to buy.

this is a must have game for any new players
this Christmas.

support these guys at Avalanche Studios as they deserve it and to get a good christmas out of it

make it the best seller this christmas

i will be buying this game.

as your going to get a story mode and your moneys

hopefully one day they offer online play

superchiller1157d ago

Another article pushing the shady cdkeys website, which deals in gray market, out-of-region, and stolen keys. Stay far away from cdkeys if you care about your money going to the actual developers/publishers of these games.

Story quality? WTF
Like this website? No

subtenko1157d ago

shady cdkey websites? cdkeys is legit

bggriffiths1157d ago

Never heard any genuine complaints from buyers. Great rating on Trust Pilot. Used them myself and have known others have too for years without issue.

superchiller1157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

@ bggriffiths, of course you don't have a problem with cdkeys, you are the one here who is always pushing this website in your "articles". And I guess you just don't care how those keys are obtained, and it doesn't matter to you whether the developers/publishers are fairly compensated for their games. Sad that so many people will take any deals they can find, without any respect for the companies that develop and publish games.

For more information on the kinds of shady practices used by these key websites, see this article on Polygon:

Note that the article mainly talks about G2A and Kinguin, two other shady key websites, but cdkeys is just as bad as those sites.

bggriffiths1157d ago

So, despite Polygon not mentioning CD Keys at all, YOU have decided they're just as bad as G2A and Kinguin, despite them never having a scandal reported on them?

superchiller1157d ago

Cdkeys operates in the exact same manner as G2A and Kinguin. They source their keys through the "gray market", which includes keys bought with stolen credit cards, cheap regions (like Russia), or keys given out by developers and publishers to "journalists" (like you?), that were never meant to be resold.

Is that so hard to understand? I know, you don't care where the keys come from, as long as you get the games cheap, right?

bggriffiths1157d ago

Brilliant, that's me sold on all that proof. You're a winner.

superchiller1157d ago (Edited 1157d ago )

@bggriffiths - So, you think that cdkeys and other such websites buy their keys directly from publishers? Even though those exact publishers don't recognize these sites as legitimate retailers?

Keep your head buried in the sand. As long as you get your cheap games, who cares, right? SMH

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ironcrow23861157d ago

Im glad to say this games already bought and paid for now gotta wait 2wks til its in my hands..if only there was something to keep me going in the meantime, maybe akin to post apocalypse or space battles 😃

alfcrippinjr1157d ago

looking at the website or any scam site

there is no complaints abouts
anyone doing a search would see this and they got a facebook page

they undercut every retailer for games
by buying from a second parties at a lower price

so this is why publishers dont like them as they are not
getting paid for the full value market place for games