Why is Star Wars Battlefront a PEGI 16?

EA and DICE were also keen for Star Wars Battlefront to be readily accessible to as broad an audience as possible, keeping its tone in line with the films. When asked by Eurogamer why Battlefront received a PEGI 16, DICE designer Jamie Keen was somewhat surprised by the rating.

"That's an interesting question," Keen said. "It should be really analogous to what you happens in the film in terms of the level of violence. I didn't know about the PEGI 16 thing. That's what we're gunning for, to have it like the films, and a lot of those death animations come from the film, it's something we're really close to."

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Dynasty20211069d ago

Because based off the gameplay alone, it's made for kids.

Because pew pew lazors innit.


This game will succeed because kids and moron adults will lap it up because Star Wars is coming, and this will dictate the future of the games industry, making insane rip-off DLC the norm.

Shame on all of you that buy this overpriced, generic shooter.

ArchangelMike1069d ago

Well aren't you opinionated today, and who appointed you as judge and jury of the thought police? You probably didn't even read the article - shame on You!

Ofcourse Star Wars is for kids, and why should'nt they play and enjoy Star Wars Battlefront? What has that got to do with you?

It's exactly because the game is for kids, that's why the rating seems abit high. The game should have a 'T' for teen rating. Players can still force choke npc's in Lego star wars for crying out loud.

DivineAssault 1068d ago

Disney owns Star Wars now so im happy its not too lame as far as violence..