5 Fallout 4 base building tips to help you survive

Guide your settlers through the wasteland with these essential Fallout 4 base building tips.

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rdgneoz31065d ago

"Initially, you’re limited to 11 settlers, but if you reach 6 Charisma, you can assign a local leader to the Sanctuary, who will then raise happiness and unlock more options for your settlement."

*Facepalm* No, the amount of settlers you can have is 10 + your total charisma (max of 11 (10 stat + bobblehead)) for a range of 11 to 21. The local leader perk lets you do supply lines between settlements at 1 point and at 2 points, build shops.

You increase happiness through having enough food, water, shelter (they don't seem to like sleeping in the rain), beds, and defending them from attacks (build your defenses), and even higher with the help of shops.

SilverClock1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

You can't assign a local can assign a PROVISIONER to establish a supply line. Building walls is also a waste of time and resources. Starting out you should be more concerned about using those supplies to establish food, water, and shelter for beds. Some settlements are large and walling off the whole place does not add to your defense rating. You get many settlements in the game, and resources quickly become spread thin.

The turrets within the thumbnail also should not be on the ground; they will only get bashed by melee attackers and their fire is also more often interrupted by obstacles.
The guardpost there is also a waste of manpower as it is more beneficial to assign him to a farm or a shop, and let the turrets do the work (they provide much more of a defense bonus anyway and puts your settler out of the line of fire.)

Also one tip that I haven't seen anyone post: If you see the happiness going down within a settlement, and there is enough food, water, and beds for each villager -- along with a defense rating greater than the combined food and water total -- then chances are some of the newer villagers did not auto-assign themselves to a bed, and you have to do it for them the same way you would assign a villager to a task.

I would also recommend against building the best water purifier you can buy unless you need adhesive, because it will only require you to build MORE defenses to accommodate.

Just some tips nobody told me out of the dozen advice articles I read.


Thanks man! That is a lot of useful information! For some weird reason the base building is what I have spent the most time with. About 30 hours or so in and have just now started doing more quests. I realized that I started playing and 4-5 hours later I had done nothing but travel back and forth between my camps and building stuff trying to improve everything.

It is addictive in some way. But a question if you don't mind, is the benefit of a good settlement the traders that sometimes comes into your town? So far I have only seen Trashcan Carla

SilverClock1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

I'm using settlements to eventually make caps. I save up a chunk of money usually about 2000 and buy the best shop that I can of a category that I don't have. I have the best weapon, armor, and trader stalls currently and a few low tier stalls of the other types, which nets me the occasional 50-300 caps depending on how long it takes me to get around to my workshop to pick up the money. I haven't tested how long it takes but then again it's constantly being added to and improved so it's hard to tell. But it's definitely going up and getting faster with the highest tier shops that I keep adding.

This is all JUST in Sanctuary I'm thinking it'll be pretty handy long term to have every settlement decked out with the best shops...that's a lot of caps, not to mention that it's just plain useful to have a bunch of shops there to sell things to -- all in one spot.

It's slow going but I'm confident it'll be a good investment. There's very little documentation on it, and a lot of things I don't know. Like I have 10 different settlements all linked to just Sanctuary -- does that increase the money too? What if I linked a bunch of different settlements together, with multiple provisioners per settlement? Is the money based on wait time or real time? Quest completion??

I don't really have the time to try all of this with a full time job so hopefully the internet can figure it out. If nothing else, these top tier shops are definitely nice to have by themselves.


Yeah I think I am getting money from my shops but I dont have the top tier ones and I forget to check. And yes, as of now there really isnt that much information to find for this but as you said hopefully the internet will answer our questions!

Great to hear I am not the only one spending way too much time with the settlements

I have linked my settlements to different places but most of them are linked to the sanctuary as it is my biggest one so far.

Thanks again though for answering some of the many questions I have for this game and have fun with the game man :)