Rise Of The Tomb Raider Low UK Sales Due To “Poor Release Timing”; Will Do “Just Fine” On PS4

According Sony’s sr. product manager Chris Brown, the low UK sales numbers for Rise of the Tomb Raider, might have something to do with Microsoft's poor release timing. Interestingly enough, Driveclub’s game director Paul Rustchynsky points out that the game will do “just fine”, when it releases on the PS4 next year.

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NatureOfLogic_1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

I agree. The game would have done a lot better if it was a PS4 timed exclusive. It really doesn't make any sense to release a game exclusively on Xbox One, especially if you want your game to gain popularity and great sales. I'm sure SE is regretting the deal with MS by now. If Halo can't move many Xbox consoles, TR never stood a chance.

VER1ON1071d ago

I don't know if thats the logical explanation. Of course the PS4 has a much bigger install-base, but launching this game next to one of the most hyped games in ages, has surely hurt sales numbers. I wonder how much the game sold in the US.

There was no need for Rustchynsky to make that kind of comment though. Could have kept that for himself.

NatureOfLogic_1071d ago

I blame MS for leaving it out to flop. Why release near all of these huge third party titles? Playstation and PC is the majority fan base of TR so it was a really dumb deal to begin with anyway.

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Automatic791071d ago

The game has a long shelf life. It will do great on Xbox One. As of right now we still have a few weeks before Black Friday sales and Christmas. A lot of folks turning the attention to TombRaider since Fallout has a big divide among player bases. Some love it and some not feeling. I have not heard one person say TombRaider is bad. Myself included what a great game. These premature articles and statements are exactly that premature.

kraenk121071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

Actually NatureOfLogic_ wrote a sensible comment. There are many factors in that is definitely the main fanbase not being on XBox, which showed clearly with the last game's sales. I really don't know what MS and CD were thinkin', especially with this timed exclusivity shot. I bet close to no one bought an X1 for that game..the contrary is most likely the case. Real fans possibly even were alienated all because of a 'greatest lineup in history'...yet I wonder if the game will arouse any interest at all on PS4, next year after U4 has come out.

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ChrisW1071d ago

Wow... So a game flops when it doesn't sell well because of another, more popular, game being released at about the same time.

The same number of people who were going to buy it regardless are still going to buy it... Just as soon as they finish Fallout 4.

creeping judas1071d ago

I know this almost heretical to say, but I am actually enjoying ROTR more than F4. Both great games, but just enjoying the other more.

Mr Pumblechook1071d ago

And THAT is why you don't save all your exclusives for one season.

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Eonjay1071d ago

Unless its gonna be $10 I don't know what these guys are talking about.

dirkdady1071d ago

If you want to blame someone blame microsoft as they have exclusive marketing for both fallout 4 and tomb raider. They knew well in advance of the release date for fallout and could have moved tomb raider out of dodge instead of releasing it to the slaughter as the publisher that is their responsibility to the developer - crystal dynamic/square Enix.

Genuine-User1071d ago

UK numbers are depressing.

Rise of the Tomb Raider:

Xbox One (85%) < 48,200
Xbox 360 (15%) < 8,500

Fallout 4 ~ 482,000

UltraNova1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

So TR was the first causality of Xbox's 'greatest holiday line up in history'?

As Mr Pumblechook said this is what you get when you release everything at once...

What did they expect squeezing TR between Halo and Fallout, the game was crashed like a lettuce between two giant slices of bread, literally!

Anw these kind of games (single player)have long legs, so I'm sure it will do ok until it gets released on Ps4 where it will shine.

Pixel_Enemy1071d ago

TBH I already have a PS4 and Wii U and was waiting for TR to release to get an Xbox One. When it launched on the same date as Fallout and a week before Battlefront I decided to postpone my Xbox One/TR purchase until after black Friday. I might get a better deal on the console and I have plenty to keep me entertained until then.

Ezz20131071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

We all knew that was going to happen from the start...(maybe not xbox gamers though)
It was said time and time again that ROTR would not do well coming at the same day as Fallout 4.

CD made a HUGE mistake going after the wrong system for timed exclusive(TR2013 sold more on PS3/Ps4) and the wrong date.

And i HATE timed exclusives crap anyway
that need to go ASAP.

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ghostface91071d ago

@nature of logic are you stupid crystal dynamics picks there launch window not Microsoft

remixx1161071d ago

Well what people fail to realize is its actually a couple factors, launching on the console with the smaller install base, being sandwiched in between halo, fallout 4 and cod was terribad.

It would have sold better if they launched it in maybe February or march maybe.

kenwonobi1071d ago

Release in between Halo and Fallout 4. Then there will be no late momentum because COD is coming next. Just bad timing and choices by that company. Quality game but choices also made this games success much lower than it could be.

AngelicIceDiamond1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

Lets all downvote and disagree with the most logical explanation from @Ver1on. Of course the game will do just fine on PS4 its not a MS game in any stretch of the imagination.

It really about the stupid timing that MS and square release the game. Aaron Greenburg said "no its two different games it'll do fine? He shouldn't have his job if hes incapable of noticing that Fallout 4 is way more anticipated than TR.

TR imo would do wonders in January or even in early December. Just stay away from Fallout because its a megaton franchise.

Square and MS did this to themselves. Not happy with MS or Square at the moment, not happy at all but more so with MS then Square admittedly.

@Nature Of course you blame MS only. Not surprising you do nothing with your life then hate on another console and praise the other anyway and the ones agreeing are dedicate their lives to hate along with you.

I mean there's way better things you could do with your life then something as useless as plastic and wires crusading, have fun I guess.

Simco8761071d ago

The only right answer here. Fallout was the big giant in the room and TR was the ugly sister.

rainslacker1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

The exclusive deal for this game was just really bad luck on SE part, and maybe MS if they spent a lot for it. MS got the exclusive before the results were really in on what would be the most popular console...although many gamers could say they saw already. Then to have FO4 release the same day announced a few months before. Then all the other big titles which are getting released for the holidays. MS blowing their load on the advertising budget of the game since E3 of 2014.

MS didn't even need this exclusive this holiday. I'm not sure why they'd pick it up like they did just to combat UC according to some...but also don't know why SE would partner with MS when it is the place that sold the least number of copies of the game the first time around.


Yes MS knew well ahead of time, but they didn't have FO4 to market for the year after E3 of 2014 to bolster it's library lineup for marketing purposes. Thinking about it, I believe with a Halo coming out, and getting exclusive rights to FO4, it was probably always just MS wanting to have something to show while people waited for E3 2015 for what was coming this holiday. Sucks for SE, but you make your bed, and you have to lay in it.

@Mr Pumblechook

Truer words were never spoken, and quite likely the best comment I've read on here in almost a decade.

What I find most ironic about the whole situation, ROTTR could have done amazing on PS4 this holiday with the UC delay.

MicrosoftMackin1071d ago

Shouldn't have been exclusive at all tbh

ABizzel11071d ago


That wasn't bad luck. Bad luck is going outside on a clear day, but clouds roll in later that day and you left your umbrella at home.

This was the definition of stupidity and awful business management.

BattleAxe1071d ago

lol the game hasn't even been out for a full week, and Sony's employees are already acting like a bunch of jerks.

kingfetish171071d ago

I'll wait for the PS4 version next year. It'll most likely be the Definitive Edition.

UltimateMaster1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

Everyone saw this coming.
Tomb Raider is a franchise originally born exclusive to PlayStation.
If it had been launched exclusive on PlayStation it would have sold a ton of copies.

There were better games Microsoft could have bought that would have brought them more sales, like Fallout 4 or the next Doom.
That's the kind of shooter Xbox fans like.
It's a bad move from Microsoft, all they did was piss off a lot of gamers that would have been interested in their console.

It's like if Sony were to buy Gears of War and make it exclusive to the PS4. How many would actually buy it? Not so much, just the people who own both consoles last gen and both this gen.
All it would have done is piss off a lot of Xbox fans against PlayStation.
It goes both ways.

Square-Enix will loose big time in this, just like they did with Lara Croft Temple of Osiris, it might become a bargain bin game in a few months.
They better not charge full price on PS4 for a 1 year old game.

Sheikh Yerbouti1070d ago (Edited 1070d ago )


These certainly aren't dumb people, but it is admittedly hard to tell as a consumer. Short term, it may seem dumb, but I think it may recoup some numbers going into and out of the holidays.

Underworld did the same jumping about 30% in sales at the end of December, a month after release right during shopping time.

Readily recognizable by parents, Tomb Raider has more mindshare than Halo and Fallout. I guess its their strategy to get merchandise out there for Christmas.
Then MS sales surfs on the holiday buying frenzy, and Microsoft rides that wave till its dead. For TR Underworld it was the first week of I'm still skeptical that it was worth it.

magiciandude1070d ago (Edited 1070d ago )


"And THAT is why you don't save all your exclusives for one season."

Well, then what on Earth was Microsoft supposed to do? Delay some of them until next year... or release them sooner full of glitches on release, like we don't already have enough of that going on at the moment?

The game has only been out for a week. Maybe some of the Fallout 4 crowd will buy TR after they're done with their game. There aren't many major releases coming out for the rest of the year, so what's stopping them from buying the game later?

Also, in the age of ever increasing digital downloads, do digital sales even count in the data?

bouzebbal1070d ago

another day another fail!
It's not even about marketing it's about common sense. You don't release a less popular franchise next to Halo and Fallout. TR should have been out in August or even in September to compete with Until Dawn which got a lot of love and sold more than TR, and also to give X1 owners something to play since last year's releases.

pinkcrocodile751070d ago

I think I need a brick wall to hammer my head against.

First the game has only been out 4 days in the UK NOT a week.

Second it's number 4 in the charts.

Third it's only on Xbox One / 360 and 85% of the sales are xbox one.

Fourth it's a stunning game thats miles and miles and miles better that UC 1, 2 and 3 and will do brilliantly on PS4 come magic baby day 2016 (I've just completed UC 1, 2 and 3 in the Nathan Drake Collection incase you were wondering) UC is great and I can't wait for that last one, but TR is the daddy and I'm sure it'll pick up speed in the next few weeks.

Plus we need to see global sales both digital and physical.

kaizokuspy1065d ago

@magician dude: my problem with the whole digital sales xbox bs argument is this. If it were a number worth noting, Microsoft would be the first to scream it into a mega phone that's pointing at your face. Digital sales aren't hard to track if you're the company that developed it and it's online infrastructure. If you don't believe they have that data on hand then I'm sorry for you. It's market data mining and getting to know your consumers by tracking how much a product sells. What our habits are and so on. So they have digital sales numbers and much like halo 5, we aren't told them because they too are just as abysmal

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decrypt1071d ago

Why have it as a exclusive at all. Release on all 3 platforms at once PC, PS4, Xbox 1.

Timed exclusive is just like shooting yourself in the foot.

Volkama1071d ago

Shooting yourself in the foot with a wad of cash.

Xb1ps41071d ago

If that's the case then if you're still stuck with just a ps4 then you're shooting your self on both legs..

Arguing over timed exclusives... Lmfao

PFFT1071d ago

Exactly! There was no need for this game to be a timed exclusive. Also for the people blaming the XB1. It wasnt the consoles fault it was Fallout 4 and the Tomb Raiders developers for releasing the game side by side. It was common sense that any game that released with fallout 4 would be obliterated. I find it quite funny that all these fanboys are looking for the smallest excuse to blame the xb1 console. You all are sad sad little people.

1071d ago
AfroGear1071d ago

Tomb Raider has always been multiplatform from its first release! Selling out for a B.S. timed exclusivity will do nothing but hurt your sales and burn your fans. Stupid move alone considering Tomb Raider sold 2:1 on PS3 and PS4.So here is my dilemma: I want to let Square know that this hurt its fans. Would they take notice more if PlayStation 4 outsells the Xbox version a year later, or if fans take a stand and either don't buy it or buy it used?

RedDevils1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

It Square-enix win and MS loses. Firstly Square-enix get a huge Pay day, secondly they know people who own the PS4 and PC once the time-exclusive is over will getting the game regardless of the X1 release

_-EDMIX-_1071d ago

Agreed, but they didn't know better. This deal was likely done before PS4 and XONE released and they didn't know how the sales would be.

Now seeing it in hindsight I'm sure they would have never done that deal as they only lost money doing this, MS likely didn't pay for enough to justify all the PS4 versions on top of low XONE versions. No doubt, Square lost money on this deal.

Those numbers are extremely low.

BlackTar1871071d ago


I don't think this was done before either of the systems released. They had a PS logo associated with it at one time.

kenwonobi1071d ago

It's selling bad. That's bad no matter how it's sliced. Blame? Microsoft.

Magnes1071d ago

@Volkama because taking a payoff and selling out is a good way to endear your self with the fans, that's a good business strategy said no one ever.

rainslacker1071d ago

Money talks. Even if it doesn't sell well on Xbox...SE gets a nice check and marketing support from a publisher and takes a lot of the risk out of making the game profitable. Eventually, it gets released on all platforms, and the sales difference is made up, while they still get to keep the original check.

It's why all exclusives happen...for that big fat check.

DarXyde1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

Considering Microsoft likely subsidized a fair amount of the costs, it probably doesn't need to be overwhelmingly successful to be profitable for Square and Crystal Dynamics. I'd say Microsoft is the one who might be bothered, but even then, they could absorb this fairly easily with Minecraft and Havok pulling in revenue for them.

In the end, I don't see how any of the involved parties lost much in this exchange.

They were all warned about releasing alongside Fallout and within days of a Star Wars game and Call of Duty. All of this to embolden the "greatest games lineup in Xbox history". If they literally kicked off 2016 with it, I'm sure it would do better. It's not so much the Xbox as it is the timing.

KiwiViper851071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )


It worked for Seth Rollins... WWE World heavyweight championship in Main event @ Wrestlemania...

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Septic1071d ago

"If Halo can't move many Xbox consoles, TR never stood a chance."

It moved enough to secure a NPD win against PlayStation so where are you getting this from?

In any case, its just simply a case of bad timing because of Fallout's release. That would have overshadowed most games based on the colossal hype for it.

VER1ON1071d ago

Also, October NPD only measured 4 days in October. I'm sure Halo 5 will sell a lot of consoles. Not to mention the upcoming Black Friday deals.

UserNameIsNotTaken1071d ago

The ps4 is still at the top in the USA.. great game though.

MRMagoo1231071d ago

It didn't move enough to score a win where it actually matters tho which is world wide.

1071d ago
PFFT1071d ago

See Septic gets it. BUT the disagrees to your comment just shows you how blinded some of these people are. They dont blame the Fallout 4 game no they blame the console for which it was released on.

ThePope1071d ago Show
Rookie_Monster1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

The game is fine considerd the install base of it compared to the 2013 launch.

Unlike Tomb Raider that was launched Tuesday in the UK on 2013, this Tomb Raider came out just a few days ago, on Friday the 13th in the UK so it has a 3 day less advantage.

Also, in 2009, when a 3 year old PS3 with a higher user base and Uncharted 2 was released, it did 84k.

So with that knowledge of how the biggest PS3 exclusive and a comparable game to TR at that time was sold, the Tomb Raider launch for XB1 doesn't seems that 

Secondly, the Uncharted HD for the PS4 that came out in October, its first week sales for some reason was never mentioned on Neogaf like Tomb Raider but its sold figure might be actually less than Tomb Raider on XB1 based on this information from the same person that predicted the TOMB Raider numbers. As it was #2 behind the PS4 version of Fifa and the 4 format total of it was about 100k.
Neogaf: "So FIFA all formats did about 100,100 by my calcs based on Bruno's number for last week, meaning that Uncharted was less than that". 

So Uncharted HD did about 40k-50k with those figures as the sole big Fall exclusive on PS4 this holiday but no one made an article about how bad it was selling at the time. But there was a sale article about how Uncharted HD failed to take the top spot from Fifa's 3rd week,and the comments are totally opposite of Tomb Raider here.

In the end, just enjoy the game as me and many others have regardless of how many copies it may have sold just like many games that came before it. That is the bottom line.

PizzaSteve1071d ago Show
Septic1071d ago


WHy congratulate me? I'm just pointing out that saying Halo not moving consoles is false.

The whole need to turn this into "but playstation" is what irks me (but is to be expected from the fanbase).

HaydenJameSmith1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

It's funny when NPD came in for last month, HAlo and Xbox were on top then everyone was saying it doesn't represent the whole world. U.S isn't the world but when figures for UK come in for Tomb Raider then everybody is so quick to judge and lay blame. It's not like it's going up against Fallout 4, CoD and SW...

I'm sure it did fine worldwide and will become profitable over time but it was never gonna compete against the big titles no matter how good it is...

I lay blame with Square/Crystal for comitting to that date... games like this should release before or after the holidays.

RedDevils1071d ago

@HaydenJameSmith yeah, it's funny cause NPD doesn't represent the "whole world"

_-EDMIX-_1071d ago

@Sep- No. It sold bad because its literally being announced for PC and PS4, who is spending money on a title they can get else where as suppose to keep their current system?

Mind you, this NPD win is sorta nothing if you consider they didn't move more units world wide smh. What your telling me is a Halo release didn't move enough units to get them even for 1 DAMN MONTH to do the best world wide, I question if they ever will, its becoming very clear that MS is never going to out see a PS console as none of their titles are even putting dent into the PS4's lead, even their best selling IP, during a month in which the only PS4 exclusive that released as a remaster.

What happens when a real entry in the series releases?

@ElGordo- "Even destiny moved far more consoles for PS4 even though it was a multiplatform game"

Agreed and good observation. That is exactly what I've been telling people, when you factor in that 3rd party games are MOVING UNITS for PS4, it literally means XONE has lost this race before it really began. Once that starts happening, no going back. MGSV moved units too, its not as if we are just going to get less games, we will get more and they will likely continue to move PS4 units.

I mean....this is before we even factor in Sony's ace IPs. Tomb Raider was doomed to sell this badly. Even before they announced it was timed and coming to PS4 and PC, many already knew based on MS history of doing this, they are the ones that made many gamers not take the term "exclusive" seriously with them.

I called it many, many times, it wasn't even a slight shock to me, it was an inevitability due to MS history of actually doing things like that and its clear those sales are showing many are not following for that line any more.

MS didn't move units with it, Square didn't move software with it, was a failure on both sides. The reality is, good games will sell. I'm sorry but Fallout 4 isn't stopping Star Wars from doing huge units, Black Ops 3 isn't stopping Fallout 4 from doing huge units. Many need to put that sad theory to rest as the reality is, the top XONE exclusives this fall sold poorly ,period.

Christopher1071d ago

***In any case, its just simply a case of bad timing because of Fallout's release. That would have overshadowed most games based on the colossal hype for it.***

And yet when I said that months ago, people said "TR will sell a ton, you'll see."

I wish more people had this outlook back then rather than after release.

Wallstreet371071d ago

An NPD win of what? like 10,000 extra consoles that could have been the cause of many factors lol Plus Microsft PR stacking Halo numbers with merchandise, bundles, the kitchen sink just to make it seem that it was a grand release and victory.

The Halo 5 launch may have been impressive to you thanks to Microsoft's PR spin but you been here awhile and should know better. Time and time again Microsoft has made fans look like ...... after the pr spin has been analyzed and the real end result has been divulged.

Just like "Xbone cannot work with out Kinect" and the Mister Media x followers saying "yeah the os and blah blah cant function without Kinect and its the greatest thing in history" later to have Microsoft conveniently remove it and make fans look like .....

Septic1071d ago


"I wish more people had this outlook back then rather than after release."

Well I did say that it would cause a dent in sales previously near release as opposed to after:

But should we really be concerned about the sales for this when

1) MS have no doubt paid a pretty penny for the timed exclusivity of this title

2) Its coming out on PC and PS4 later anyway

3) PS4 players dont need it because #Uncharted?

Dee_Blessed1071d ago

Septic you're getting the dislikes because that "xbox dethroned ps4" crap, was just hopeless trolling by a number of journalists. The greatest game in xbox history will move units. But apparently you missed that it was ONLY IN AMERICA. Xbox outsold ps4 in the U.S. not worldwide. Only world wide sakes really matter. And for it to still be a close race with xbones biggest exclusive ever, says alot. Look I'm not trying to hate, but you got to be realistic, worldwide, ps4 dominates, and it's only released 2 mega hit exclusives, which are 2 new ips (bloodborne&Until Dawn). Just imagine when U4 releases

zeuanimals1071d ago


1) "MS have no doubt paid a pretty penny for the timed exclusivity of this title."

That does nothing to help grow the franchise for future releases, especially if it doesn't move out of the way of bigger games that almost completely overshadow it. It's a short term profit for a long term loss, you never take that route unless the long term profit is just not possible.

2) "Its coming out on PC and PS4 later anyway"

And games that release later on other platforms don't tend to do well on those platforms. They're seen as old releases or they don't get the general launch hype that new games get. That could be different with ROTTR if they put serious marketing behind it, but the PS4 version isn't just releasing later, it's releasing around this time, next year. I think there's going to be a few 1st and 3rd party games that Sony are going to advertise and have overshadow that release a bit. MS should atleast let the game release at the same time as the PC version in the typically dry summer so it's not a complete dud on arrival.

3) "PS4 players dont need it because #Uncharted?"

True, but options, what are they? But I guess you're right because in the past, Xbox 360 users didn't need any other shooters other than Halo which is why Call of Duty was never associated with Xbox and MS never paid for anything in regards to Call of Duty.

WelkinCole1071d ago

Septic. Still with this 400 million plus revenue which includes hardware sales.

The PS4 hardware sales revenue alone is 500 million a month on average (1.25mill)

Spin it as much as you like. It really is a drop in the bucket against the PS4 if we look at it.

lastking951071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

@ hayden, it already profitable, ms money paid for the development and then some. CD is pocketing pretty much all the money made from sells. MS is the one hoping the deal pays off not CD.

@welkin listen to yourself lol. Halo 5 brand alone in 4 days made almost as much money as the ps4 does in a month as a whole. You just proved how well halo has done lol. Thx for the statistics xD

XabiDaChosenOne1071d ago

@rookiemonster Im finding it hard to understand your logic. Why bother comparing an HD remaster collection and a recent AAA game?

dirkdady1071d ago

Septic Xbox barely beat ps4 and that was with 4 months of halo bundle preorders kicking in this month.

Black Ops and Star Wars ps4 preorder bundles have been charting in the top 10 for a couple month on Amazon.
Guess what's going to happen with those bundles actually sell this month? Yep you guessed it. :)

GTgamer1071d ago (Edited 1071d ago )

Sonnnnnnnnnnnnnnn you really be wanting me to roast ya goofy self that's Ms biggest exclusive and if that didn't sell then it would of been laughable and stop acting like it sold allot,when Sony only had Uncharted collection which is just a remaster which I didn't even buy (because I own all uncharteds). not to mention it only beat the PS4 in North America so please calm yaself(yall really acting reckless) because when Sony wins next month you better be mute.

WelkinCole1070d ago



500 million is hardware alone not including software sales and peripherals.

Halo the MS savior can only manage 400 million including BOTH hardware and software.

Basically Sony does not have to do anything to counter Halo even with just hardware sales alone.

Get it now?.

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KillerPwned1071d ago

Well MS had to write SE a big fat check to release this in an exclusive way in hopes of selling consoles and it's gonna come to PS4 and the game will just sell better. So SE really benefits regardless of what happens. It's MS that loses out on the money spent.

vikingland11071d ago

I agree with you and well said.

IIFloodyII1071d ago

Not necessarily, I think it's a lose lose all round, Square got an early pay check, but have damaged a great reboot with a stupid release date and unnecessary timed exclusivity deal.
MS blown who knows how much on something that didn't even make a dent in the sales "war", money which would be better spent on an actual exclusive.
PS and PC players have to wait for a ( by all accounts) great game, for no other reason than MS panicking and trying to counter Uncharted 4, only for Uncharted 4 to say nope, and dodge the Fallout 4, CoD and Battlefront slaughter.

NotAFanboyyy1071d ago

Exactly. People keep asking why did Square do this deal. They got that big fat check like you said and get to release on PC and PS4 later on. The reboot sold well in terms of units sold but the studio clearly wasn't happy with the earnings at the end of the day.

PFFT1071d ago Show
zeuanimals1071d ago

The question is, does that money from MS secure the possible lost sales they would have gotten had they not gone the timed exclusive route? Maybe, we don't know how much money was paid and how much money was lost in either scenario so everything is speculation. What I do know is that timed exclusives or games that just took a long time to port to another system don't tend to do so well on the systems they later release on.

The release is seen as "new to that console but not actually new" and it doesn't have the launch hype, unless SE are planning to hype it up which is hard to do with a game that's been out for a year. Launch hype happens at launch, maybe they could set a precedent and manage to hype up the relaunch but I doubt it.

All that will likely happen is they'll be reminding everyone that it's coming out on the PS4. Also, it really shouldn't release at around the same time, next year on the PS4. Next November will likely be just as packed with Sony's own exclusives that will be highly advertised and whatever big 3rd party games that may surround it. It'll fare much better with a summer release with the PC version but MS forced it to be a year and have essentially killed it, twice. Well, maybe once. We don't know if the game couldn't be delayed like other games that skipped this holiday's 3rd party madness to release post-holiday winter or spring, if MS or SE forced it to be released at this time, or whatever else.

Still, speculation on my part but this is damaging to all parties. This isn't a win to MS because the deal doesn't really do much for them and it could discolor their relationship with SE. It's not a win to SE or CD because it doesn't help grow the franchise into being more loved by more people, and it may not have covered the lost sales they could have received had it been delayed and available on other systems simultaneously. It's not a win for Sony either because it's a 3rd party release that's historically been stronger on their platforms but that is likely not going to do well this time.