Game Design Sketchbook: Testing the Limits of Single-Player

From the article: "Go is often cited as a touchstone for profoundly deep gameplay that emerges from a shockingly simple set of basic game mechanics. You can learn the rules in less than a minute, but you can spend the rest of your life plumbing the depths of this game. Go is a game that you can return to over and over. It will always have something new to show you. It will never grow old.

As simple as Go's design is, Go-deep gameplay for art games, or even modern videogames generally, seems to be a tough nut to crack. Infinite replayability? It's almost unheard of. After you've honed your thumbs until they're pumping like well-oiled machines (in Geometry Wars), found every last collectible (in Super Mario Galaxy), or learned how to out-smart the AI (in Starcraft), can you really come back to a game in the future and find further value in it?"

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