Download Dungeon Siege III now for free on Xbox 360 AND Xbox One

Neil writes "Dungeon Siege III has been stripped of its price tag thanks to the Xbox Games With Gold scheme. Fancy playing it on your Xbox 360 and/or your Xbox One?"

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oKidUKo2002d ago

If this wasn't playable on X1 too I'd never get round to playing it. No idea how good it is but worth a go!

gamer78042002d ago

its a good dungeon crawler game, i finished it on 360, thinking of picking up the expansion and playing on xb1.

TheCommentator2002d ago

My only beef with 360 GWG on XB1 is that it should be downloadable straight from the dashboard like the XB1 games are. The extra steps are easy enough but unnecessary. Since I still use my 360 it's no big deal for me personally, just my two cents on the subject.

Bobafret2002d ago

I have too damned many games.