Call of Duty 3 patch available

When you fire up your Call of Duty 3 copy today you will find out it needs an update. This is the multiplayer patch we've all been waiting for. A member of Treyarch's team, Axis0f3vil, aka Dan, announced the patch earlier today. The patch should resolve all the issues we had with ranked multiplayer matches.

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TheMART5262d ago


At least the 360 has a premium service to patch and even make better then it already is.

The free doomed PNP network is so bad a fix wouldn't make any difference!

bumnut5262d ago (Edited 5262d ago )

this is great news for me cos i was having trouble even getting into a player match, i was never able to play a ranked match cos it would not connect.
good to see they have fixed the brightness settings carrying over to multiplayer, it was i b1tch having to keep adjusting my tv.
i hope it fixes the lag where you shoot someone, then they shoot you then die 3 seconds after your shot hit them, and you still die!!
oh yeah the guy above is an a$$. he may make a sensible post 1 day, maybe.

DC RID3R5262d ago

just a very passionate ms gamer!!! (easy mart)

this time last year, there'd be NO shooter i'd even cosider playing on my 360 in front of cod2 (infinity ward), and whilst cod3 (treyarch) is cool (visually very nice), the gameplay has lost a touch of the previous itterations spark!!

gears, lost planet online and rainbow are way ahead on my pecking order for shooters at the present!


Capt CHAOS5261d ago

Noticed last night how it connected instantly to any onlin game..

zonetrooper55261d ago

Its about time, they should of made this game even better by relasing it next year but i suppose it would of gotten beaten by Halo 3.