Fallout 4 Game-Crashing Bug Discovered

Fallout 4 Game-Breaking Crashing Discovered

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Crispyleeks1093d ago

Think I walked past that place the other day and almost went in there. Glad I didn't know haha thanks for the heads up!

Sureshot1093d ago

"One does not simply walk into Mosignor Plaza." Boromir

SolidGear31093d ago

I cleared that place on Tuesday as part of a quest and had no problems on PS4.

JeffGUNZ1093d ago

Same on Xbox One. Maybe one specific entrance to it?

_-EDMIX-_1092d ago


@Jeff- its specific to doing something. You have to after teaming up with Valentine, re load a save with him after going to the location or something that makes the bug happen. I only briefly heard about it, but I've yet to get to this place so I think I'm fine.

DeToX4201092d ago

I had no issues with it maybe just a random crash?

Lon3wolf1093d ago

Completed that quest with no issue thankfully. Not had any major bugs so far, only minor glitch here and there.

sullynathan1093d ago

"There are no game-breaking bugs"

vanity291093d ago

Im really mad. Pc always crashes and i just cant play more than an hour or less. How can they say they are supportive but won't fix this issue asap. I love the game but damn, dat game dun broke.

Ocsta1093d ago

Dude I am 25 hours in on Pc and the game has literally NEVER crashed to desktop on me whereas Fallout 3 and New Vegas used to all the time. Is you're game modded?

vanity291093d ago

Nah it's not. Not enough mods yet for me to start adding them. I feel like it's a problem with afterburner or gameworks since i have a 380.

Jayszen1093d ago

Perhaps there are also issues particular to your PC that are causing the crashes? Many of us have been also playing the game on PC and there have been some glitches but no outright crash like yours. Maybe the game has some issues with particular drivers for your graphics card(s).


i'm playing on pc only had one crash in over 30 hrs+

_-EDMIX-_1092d ago

? Bud that sounds like it just you. I've seen many on steam playing it as we speak popping up on the corner of my screen. Many have over 30 or 40 hours.

The problem is, with PC its very specific, for all we know its because of something turned on in your set up, I can be as simple as having virus software turned on..

Gatsu1092d ago

Haven't crashed for me yet and over 30 hours played.

vanity291092d ago

This is not just me. My friends have given up playing for now and if you just do a quick google search, you'll see many people are having the same problem.

BeefCurtains1092d ago

I'm 12 hours deep on PC, no issues.

Overwhelming majority on PC haven't had issues, so I'd look in to my hardware if I were you.

JamesBroski1092d ago

In 35 hours, it crashed 4 or 5 times for me on PS4.

Paulino301092d ago

Damn.. I feel for you man. I went through that with witcher 3. I'm 8 hours in fallout and have not had one glitch yet. I'm very surprised, btw what gpu are you using? I'm running the game on ultra with 2 r9 280x.

vanity291092d ago


I'm using a Sapphire 380, it might be a problem with the 380 and it's drivers but every other game seems to be fine. I had this problem with fallout 3 as well

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Aenea1093d ago

Even this bug is not a game breaking bug. Game breaking means that it makes the game unplayable, I don't think that's the case here...

bradleejones1092d ago

Game breaking bug is just the new catch phrase to get clicks. Next is battlefront game breaking glitch...

WellyUK1093d ago (Edited 1093d ago )

only bugs I've had are the invisible gun bug and I got flung across the map when I got stuck on a car.

Egv171093d ago

I got that too, simply going to 3d person view and back fixed it for me though.

Takwin1093d ago

40 hours in with one crash-to-desktop and just some minor graphical glitches and "corpse twitches." I totally expect those on a game this large and open.

The graphics are very poor but the game itself is incredibly fun and addicting. I played almost 30 hours this weekend (and I have a family and a weekday job).

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