Star Trek Online ship combat "slow-paced," planet combat "fact-paced" - first trailer shown

VG247: Cryptic just showed the first gameplay trailer of Star Trek Online, and, to be completely fair, it was grade-A tonto awesome.

Creative lead Jack Emmert described ship combat as "tactical" and "slow-paced," and this was borne out in the footage, which showed Federation ship fleets against Borg cubes and more.

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Chubear3725d ago

Just saw this trailer and it looks bloody good.

Fux4Bux3725d ago

It does look pretty awesome. Kinda ugly graphics but still cool. We'll see how well they work it out as an MMO tho. Could be amazing or just trash.

Thugbot1873725d ago

I'm ready to have some fun.

kharma453725d ago

they didn't mention which consoles this is coming to.