Is Master Chief still relevant?

The Analog Circle Podcast Will Be discussing The NPD numbers for October,gaming news,a review of Rise Of The Tomb Raider,and impressions on the new Xbox Ones UI,and asking the question is Master Chief Still relevant.

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masterfox1069d ago

who knows, 343 literally killed the franchise with this release, 343 blew it hard! the story was so bad is not even funny!, hell I think even MS wasn't even aware of the things that 343 was preparing for Cortana, I mean Cortana is now a main feature in Windows 10 lol

Sureshot1069d ago

You clearly.know nothing about the lore of Halo outside of the games (if that). So much story progression in 5 its incredible. The Cortana plot foundation was laid years ago. could the campaign have been better executed? No doubt. But it certainly wasnt "so bad it not even funny". Go troll somewhere else guy.

masterfox1069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )


Not only me is saying the story is garbage almost everyone is saying that, go and search it if don't believe me, you are in denial simple as that.

Also if you consider a real Halo fan wouldn't defend this [email protected]#$%p!

UserNameIsNotTaken1069d ago

Isn't that like destiny? Go to the website to get the story.

ninsigma1069d ago

Why should anyone have to go outside the game to get the story?? Same as destiny. I love that game but why do I need to go to the website to know what's going on.

Besides, halo 5s story wasn't exactly difficult to follow so the lore has nothing to do with it. The campaign just wasn't a good one. I've yet to see 343 make a good halo sp because 4 was just as bad. The new games are just so far away in terms of their quality when you compare them to the original trilogy. 1 to 3 absolutely rocked.

Vhampir1069d ago

Halo's full story has never been in the games. Same with Mass Effect, KOTOR, Warcraft, Diablo, StarCraft, Dragon Age, Gears of War, Warhammer, and even Final Fantasy 7.

Halo 5's campaign is bad because mission 1-13 are just fluff. Locke is a shallow main character no one really wants to play. Also all the promotional material was misleading. Halo 4 and 5 are almost a mirror of each other. 4 having a great story, 5 having great multiplayer.

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Septic1069d ago

"who knows, 343 literally killed the franchise with this release, 343 blew it hard!"

You sound like you're trying to convince yourself more than others. They have killed the franchise have they:?

" the story was so bad is not even funny!"

I'm sorry but with that avatar I can'#t take you seriously. Halo 5's story whilst not up to the standards of previous games still is better than a vast majority of FPS'. It fell short of its own high standards but in no way is your incredibly hyperbolic statement anything other than trolling.

otherZinc1069d ago

The Halo 5 story was fantastic and spot on. I've yet to read 1 Halo novel, not 1. If you aren't in Campaign Co-op or talking on the phone, you'll be able to listen to the dialogue and completely understand everything going on.

I hope 343 Industries has an understanding of the hate being throw at M$ and continue this storyline exactly like they're doing.

GordonKnight1069d ago

They know that most of the hate is coming from gamers that don't have an X1 and never plan on purchasing one. All my multiplats are on my PS4, but my X1 has the best FPS. (imo)

masterfox1069d ago


Yes I don't have a x1 but that doesn't mean I can't go and watch the whole story via youtube videos, and also I had the original xbox played Halo 1 and 2 and then the 360 for almost the solely reason to play Halo 3.

GordonKnight1069d ago

Master Chief is relevant to me. As I purchased my second X1 Halo 5 bundle along with the Master chief controller. There hasn't been a PS4 bundle that made me want double drip on that console.

Gameplay is more important than the story for FPS games.

masterfox1069d ago

"Gameplay is more important than the story for FPS games."
and yet you say: " Master Chief is relevant to me " it obviously doesn't look that way.

GordonKnight1069d ago


You are the one who has a problem with the story, not me. Yes, the story could have been deeper, but Master Chief has built himself up over this epic series. Halo has a universe that's deeper than just the game. With the books & movies. It's almost like Star Wars.

Gameplay is more important than the story for FPS games.

What I meant is it the story is the last thing that is important any Future Halo games. Gameplay and computer AI are the most important things for the campaign. This game is so smooth when playing online. This is why I believe Halo 5 is the best first person shooter on the market today. (Imo)

Master chief is the iconic character for Halo and as long as Halo sets the standard for FPS games he will be relevant.

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Foehammer1069d ago

$400,000,000 in 1 week


A 33% increase in projected share price for MS stock


Highly relevant

kraenk121069d ago

Half the sales of previous installations during the first days...less relevant for sure, but far from irrelevant.

Concertoine1069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )

Im sure most devs would kill for even a fraction of Halo 5's FW sales. But it is becoming a creatively bankrupt universe.

killer_goat1069d ago

How many times do you have to be told? Them sales were hardware, accessories and other things. Not just the game. I'm sure the likes of black ops free and fallout 4 bundles beat that number.

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pyroxxx1069d ago

It is relevant,..It is the biggest IP (outside Mincraft) MS really has,.. but definitely in decline,.. It shipped about as much hardware as Titanfall ,.. Most people thought Titanfall would give the XB1 a Halo-like boost to sales, with hindsight they were right. (which is not much)

IRetrouk1069d ago

halo is still loved by millions, i dont see why it would be considered anything less, not really my cup of tea but would pick halo over cod any day of the week.

IRetrouk1069d ago

what exactly is it peps are disagreeing with? that halo is still relevant or that i like it better than cod?

bunt-custardly1069d ago

Did anyone actually listen to the podcast...

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